Memory, All Alone in the Moonlight

How good is your memory even?

You would think that with time, things would be easily forgotten, no?  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Every debt that is owed to me, every grudge I held against someone, every mistake I made, every slander aimed towards me, every time I was wronged, every pencil borrowed from me, every broken promise given to me, every strike… (and the list goes)  I remember.  I used to think, “man, some people suck at remembering things!”.  Only to realize rather recently, “no.. I just suck at forgetting things.”

I know what you guys want.  This blog wouldn’t be fun other wise.

Brian Lam borrowed $1 from me in 10th grade, and didn’t pay me back.  Christian Yang borrowed $1 from in 8th grade, and didn’t pay me back.  Ryan Shao was a big bully to me in middle school, but in exercising Proverbs 25:21-22, I came to forgive him.  UCI AACF owes me a handful of money, but that’s okay cause that just means Stu’s gift is that much more special.  In 5th grade I peed my pants a little bit during PE because I was too scared to raise my hand to go to the bathroom, no one noticed because I was at the end of the line and I played it off like I accidentally sat in a puddle.  In kindergarten, when Santa came to visit, I asked him for a stegosaurus for Christmas.  In 2nd grade, I had Mrs. Flanagan, whom was the meanest teacher I knew at the time.  She was only nice on Valentines Day, when she gave all the kids a hug.  Rumor has it, she’s the nicest teacher at Carver now.  In 1st grade, I had this crush on a 5th grader named Dawn.  I don’t know why.  I just knew she always hung around the monkey bars during recess (pun intended!).  In chronological order, (through my eyes) the fads of the San Marino School system was cool stationary, pokemon cards, crazy bones, catching lady bugs, magic the gathering, yugioh cards, gunbound, airsoft guns, hackey sack, rubiks cubes, graphing calculator games and iPods.  During the summer of 8th grade, Marty shaved his head at camp with “the magical shaver in the forest”.  Shortly after, Jesse shaved a cross into the back of his head.  I used to wake up at 7 on Saturday mornings and just watch cartoons all morning, you know, back when Saturday morning cartoons were still good (pokemon, yugioh, recess, filmore, transformers, etc). When camp was still combined with Walnut, the Walnut guys would mess with Vincent while he was showering by turning off the lights and throwing brown laffy taffys at him.  During that time, Stu was evidently scared of zombie stories.  The first time I went to camp in 4th grade, the male jr camp counselors were introduced by ripping their shirts off to reveal the camp shirt.  My dad was a counselor that year.  For my first day of Kindergarten, my brother whom was in 5th grade at the time, walked me to my class.  In 4th grade, we had a substitute teacher for 3/4 of the year.  Her name was Dr. Giovanazo.  Being the poke-maniacs we were, we kept trying to call her Dr. Giovanni.  It never caught on.  In 5th grade, Brittney Ellers, Andrea Binley and Sarah McKnight joined forces to make B.A.S., an improv theater that performed in front of the library during lunch time.  I think I was there first audience member.  They gave me a certificate for that.  That same year, my cousin Brandon and his friend Louis each caught a praying mantis.  My cousin’s mantis ate Louis’s mantis.  So Louis decided that the mantis was his now, because his original one was eaten.  In 3rd grade, my best friends in school were Winston Tuan and Tiffany “The Nutcracker” Wei.  Gold star if you remember why she got that nickname.  I’ve only ever gotten lunch duty in middle school twice.  Once for accidentally catapulting a cheeto over Mr. Natelborg’s head.  And once for getting in a small food fight with Luke Spurlock Brown.  I once accused Evan Zhou of crying during The Chronicles of Narnia.  It might have been true.  I think he also cried during Superman Returns.  Princeton once got lunch duty for slapping Dixon so hard he flew a few feet back.  Though there’s no real way to prove it, I claim to have started the rumor that the D and R in D.R. Moreland stands for Donald Ronald.  Before I quit Football, I had pretty much secured a starting job as a corner.  During spring football, when it was best offense vs. best defense, Coach Mo picked me to match up with Paul Cervenka and John Trawick (Yikes!).  Keep in mind, a lot of the good players were on offense.. so that didn’t leave too much to be desired on defense and not everyone on the eventual team did spring football.  My earliest memory of life is opening my eyes to play hide and seek with my sister.  I was 4 years old in that memory.

And I’m sure there’s much much more if I sat here long enough and typed it all out.  But I’ll leave you all with just a taste.


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