Zombies, School and Felicity

I normally do my exercising at night.  The goal is to tire myself out, shower off and then go to bed to hopefully fall asleep quickly.  Sometimes, I’ll get a really good workout in, such that my body expends all of its energy and resources.  This is evidenced by how hungry am I when I finish.  So, I’ll often have a snack before I shower off.  But to be honest, sometimes that snack is quite extravagant.  I’m writing this because I’ve recently noticed the strong correlation between eating before I sleep and having very vivid or memorable dreams.

Gold star for the person that recognizes this art

I remember a lot of these dreams because they felt so real.  I’ll sometimes wake up from the dream convinced for a few seconds that it really happened.  And I’ve definitely had multilayered dreams, where I’ll essentially “wake up” a couple times before I really wake up.  I did a Google search and found that, although it’s not scientifically proven, for some people that consume greasy foods before they sleep or nap, it causes them to dream more vividly.  This helped a little in explaining that episode of “Hey Arnold” where Helga sleepwalks after eating pork rinds before going to bed.

I said dreams, but most of them have been nightmare status.



I sometimes dream that the world has fallen into a zombie apocalypse, the kind you would see in the movies.  The type of zombies in my dreams often vary between the standard slow ones to the terrifying ones from Left 4 Dead.  It’s not the zombies that scare me, rather the situation where my dream starts me off in.  I’m often weaponless or I’m my 12 year old self.  When I do have a weapon, it transforms into something useless last minute.  When I do have shelter, every other wall is 90% window.  What makes it feel real is that it’s zombies in my backyard or recognizable cities.  My brain even fabricates very real feeling news reports, and the reactions of my friends or family with me feel like their typical ones.  Yes, I think zombie games and movies are cool, but I’m not a horror movie junkie like Gabe from The Office, so it’s strange that this type of dream would reoccur.


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I sometimes dream that I’m still in school.  These dreams vary between being in high school or college again.  These dreams stress me out the most.  There are times where I dream that I have one more quarter of school to complete, or I missed a class and have to go back to college.  Sometimes I dream that I woke up late for class, but despite my attempts to get there on time, I just keep getting exponentially later.  From time to time, I’ll dream up a homework assignment or project, and I’ll actually begin solving it.  To which, I’ll wake up trying to solve this imaginary problem.  The high school dreams aren’t as bad, since it’s usually just me trying to find my class on the first day of school.  Once I dreamed through a Tuesday of school, so it was a little confusing waking up and realizing it was Saturday.. and that I’m not in school anymore.  Maybe my mind is telling me to go back to school?  That can’t be it.  When I lived with Man-Lauren, he used to joke that I would wake up in the middle of the night asking him for a pencil, so that I could write my ideas or algorithms on the wall.  Sadly, those stories are false.


Note: Felicity is a cover name for any girl that I ever pursued, liked, or broke my heart.  I could be talking about one of them or all of them in any given instance.  This is to keep the anonymity and to prevent you readers from gathering your pitch forks to hunt them down.  Inspired by Sean “Day[9]” Plott.

And sometimes I’ll dream about Felicity.. literally, of course.  These dreams have left me confused, twisted and emotionally taxing.  And like the previous dream topics, it varies from Felicity to Felicity.  They also range from good feelings to bad ones.  For the bad cases, I’ll dream that Felicity is suddenly dating my cousin.  Which I normally wouldn’t feel bad about, but in the dream I did.  These dreams will often have me experience things I never experience with Felicity.  For another instance, I traveled a long distant car ride just to see Felicity and her family.  Upon my arrival, she kissed me.. and then she turned around and kissed my brother.  One time I had a dream that Felicity and I were just hanging out, and then she disintegrated right before my eyes.  For the good dreams, I’ll dream that we’re together, or an item.  I once dreamed that Felicity and I lived together (presumably married) and we were chatting before we went to bed together.  And it’s to those dream where I wake up thinking “Wait.. Did that just happen [in my head]..?”  Either way though, these dreams will leave me with a weird feeling throughout the day.  Almost as if I had betrayed my sister-in-Christ by dreaming about them in this way.  Keep in mind, a lot these Felicity’s are of the past; I don’t think about them in that way anymore which makes it all the more unusual.

I have seen some dream interpretations online, but I try not to look into it too much.  They feel like horoscopes, in that if you describe something in a general sense, it might relate enough to you to believe its meaning.  And I’m sure it’s just my brain thinking silly things at night.  In short, I try not to eat before I sleep anymore.  Although there have been times where I wake up in the middle of the night cause of hunger.

What are some of your recurring dreams?


One thought on “Zombies, School and Felicity

  1. not so much a dream but whenever i get really sick I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in pure delusion. Usually the delusion is that i’m at school (keep in my that i’m awake and see that I’m lying in bed) and wonder why there is a bed at school and I’m lying in it and I question why nobody is around me.


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