Ear Candy

February 2010

We gathered together for the first CSM trip FCBC would partake in.  We were a rag tag group of collegians, young adults and not-so-young adults.  For this particular meeting, we were discussing what we wanted to do at the convalescent home we were going to visit that weekend.  After some ideas were thrown onto the table, Ben spoke up saying:

“Hey, we have some musicians here, let’s have them play.”

He was referring to Matt and me of course.  I stated my case that a violin doesn’t sound very good in open air.  Bashfully, Matt accepted, for he is a humble man.  We admitted that we didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves in this matter, but we all agreed old people enjoy music.

“Yeah, that’s a good Idea.  Matt playing sax is some good ear candy… and eye candy!” Stu said.

We all laughed.  Matt began to second guess himself, and started to back out.

“Come on Matt, just play.  Just take off your shirt and play your sax for us!”  Ben exclaimed, for Matt is a sexy saxophone man.

And that’s the origin of the term “ear candy”, in my eyes.


Anyways, have you ever had a voice crush on someone.  As in, you were so enamored by one’s voice, or singing voice that you just want to hear it more and more?  Note, voice crush doesn’t necessarily mean you have a crush on someone; you just enjoy their voice a lot.  It’s your ear candy, so to speak.  Voice crushes are not confined to the gender you are attracted to either.  I’m sure many of you men out there enjoy Morgan Freeman’s calm and soothing voice.  So, when I was in middle school, my brother showed me this one song:

And I really enjoyed the voice of the lead singer, Lei Melket.  I actually didn’t know what this duo looked like until recently, since the internet wasn’t that powerful back then.  I remember searching “Vincent Van Gogh”, only to find two pages worth of results and with only one of them being useful information.  I listened to the song again not too long ago, just because it randomly popped into my head.  I’m a little surprised that this song is on YouTube, considering these girls don’t seem to be all that popular.

What’s your ear candy?


They even sound good live!



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