Screen Names

Every screen name has a story, however silly or epic.  Inspired by these videos of how professional gamers chose their name, I thought I’d share the stories behind mine.


So, Here’s the history of my screen names:

1. joshuarules2000
The year 2000 was around the time that AIM started getting popular.  And being the silly 10 year old I was, I happened to come up with most straight forward name.  My name is Josh, I rule, and it’s the year 2000; enough said.  Obviously, I didn’t put any thought into the coming years.  Still, there’s a first for everything, and I’m sure everyone has an embarrassing first email or screen name they created in middle school.  This was my first screen name and email address ever.  And I actually used that email for the longest time too.  Sadly, the AIM screen name was very short lived.  When creating an account, I naively put my actual birthday.  At the time, AIM filtered out kids younger than the age of 13.  I thought it would return when I turned 13, but it didn’t work like that.  So, there was a short stint where I went by the screen name…

2. redrossxx
Still not very original, I came up with this one.  It was inspired by the episode of Friends where Ross tries to play rugby.

I threw some x’s in there cause that was the thing to do at the time; also, just “red ross” was already taken.  A few months after its creation, my friends and I discovered the feature on AIM where you could be signed on with multiple accounts at the same time.  I used that to experiment with a few other names like..

3. J superstar123
Contrary to what you might be thinking, it was NOT based on the movie Jesus Christ Super Star.  Although, many thought it did at the time.  I had a friend who’s screen name was “CoMeTcOcO123”, named after a comet + her dog’s name.  Then another friend parodied it with “MeTeOrBoBo321”, named after meteor + his dog’s name.  The only other astral thing I knew was stars and I’ve never owned a dog.. so, “J superstar123” is what I came up with.  It didn’t last long, because I didn’t really like it and it was meant to be a joke anyway.  Then came..

4. smawesomeguy
This is the screen name that I eventually stuck with for AIM.  My brother’s AIM name was “sm happyguy” (sm = San Marino).  So, naturally, being a brother, I forged a similar name.  And I happened to be really into the word “awesome” at the time.  For example, I would sign yearbooks with “stay awesome!” rather than the traditional “H.A.G.S.”  I had one more AIM screen name, but I didn’t really use it that much.

5. WcUoMuBcOhQ
I didn’t use it mainly because it just looked like jargon.  Also, it was really hard to spell it out for people trying to add me.  I think I was just too ashamed to use it.  I wasn’t proud of Clan WumboQ (yet).  Look closely, it’s “couch” in between the letters of “WUMBOQ”.  What is this nonsense I speak of?  A story for another post.

I’m not sure why, but I never used my AIM screen names when creating ID’s for the games I played.  Perhaps I was still experimenting.  They were always different too.  I used..

Feenie, based off of Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World


Grimlock, as in Grimlock from the Transformers series


gullibleshmo and gullibletracker, based off the vocabulary word, gullible.  The tracker one was based off of my friend’s screen name, “Sacred Tracker”

TheGambler, just like the song


After trying everything out.  I settled on “gimsh”.  It was simple and recognizable.  The story behind it is simple too.  During the time that Lord of the Rings was out, every group of friends associated themselves to the Fellowship.  Unfortunately for me, Aragorn and Legolas had already been assigned, so that left me with Gimli, son of Gloin.  I was a little chubby back then, so I kind of embraced it.  One day, talking with the Frodo of our group, she (yes, she) said “Hey, you should combine your names!”  I asked what she meant.  “How about… gimsh?  That’s pretty cool.” she said.  It wasn’t originally my favorite, but it kind of grew on me.  So I used it more and more and even still to this day.  Not to be confused with top tier Hearthstone player “gnimsh” either.  If you ever see a “gimsh”, it’s likely me.

What’s the story behind your screen name(s)?


3 thoughts on “Screen Names

  1. Dragonroot

    My Chinese name translated to English means “Source of the dragon” or “Root of the dragon”, something along those lines. I basically took the Chinese translation of my name and turned it into a single word: Dragonroot. Sometimes Dragonroot by itself isn’t allowed or it’s already taken somehow. When that happens I add the digits 808 at the end since 808 is the area code for Hawaii where I grew up.


  2. you’re so funny, Josh. My very first screen name was thebuttercup because my dad would call me Princess Buttercup after watching The Princess Bride. From buttercup came lilYflower… as in lil yellow flower (buttercup) but also lily flower. My “wurpol” screen name came from my old youth pastor (who had a horrible asian accent) said “thanks wurpol” pointing in my direction. After 5 min of confusion, we were able to decipher that he was trying to say “thanks whirlpool” as in he was thanking the oven which was behind me?!? We still don’t get his logic but I took it as a screen name and it’s never taken so it just stuck. Now every other screen name is a variation of my name. I do have a tifferson email account which is named after me and my husband’s names smooshed together. I don’t use it anymore… but it does still fwd to my email addy. He passed away 5 yrs ago.


  3. Dontdodrugs0: my first aim..i just said it one day and it stuck

    Azndragon529: the days when Asian pride exploded

    Pyrodragon529: my ign for Starcraft. Stole it from my friend

    Yuro_dark: based of one of the villains from command and conquer. What I used for my aol login.

    MEinHOyin: combo of chow mein and hoyin.


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