EPIC Quotes

The following is a small list I compiled on my phone while I was still in school.  In it was various quotes my peers from EPIC had said in some point in time.  I think I was originally saving it for a senior banquet or something, but totally forgot about it later.  Also my hermetic study nature in my later years would separate me from a lot of fun that I probably wasn’t present for.

“Beer trumps all”  (He said as we were discussing what a fun night is composed of)
-Joe lee

“What am I supposed to do with a 10 meter barometer!?”
“That’s not fine.. like Josh” (The hilarious implication being that I am a fine person)
-Eddie chow

“Sometimes I wish I weren’t dating” (Half-jokingly discussing the frustrations of a relationship)
-Venus Wu

“I’m gonna smash your face into the wall!” (The first words I heard as I entered Kelly and Patty’s apartment)
-Patty Chin

“..but then you would look like a jerk… Which is cool too” (Discussing the efficiency of snot rockets when there is no tissue around)
-Jared Nojima

“I hate the sight of Josh” (Yes, she was talking about me)
-Lily Chan

“Sailor Moon was awesome!!”
“Just bring beer and fun” (He said as we discussed which board games to bring for board game night)
-man Lauren

“Yeah, I’m not a girl!”
“I have balls”
(She went through this phase where she spoke before she thought about it)
-Lauren Chuman

Upon reading this list again, I couldn’t help but reminisce.  So I remembered some other quotes as I briefly reflected on my college years.

“Oh, so I can kill 2 stones with 1 bird”
“Give me 5 bucks and I won’t hurt him.. you know, like physically and stuff” (Trying to make $5 off letting someone down for a friend)
“Is that Justin?.. MAN I HATE THAT GUY” (He and Justin are actually best buds)-Joe Chan

“Tell her if she doesn’t come, I will CUT her” (The first words I ever heard come out of her mouth as a newcomer to EPIC)
-Faith Sizto

“Whatever you do, just don’t follow me” (He was talking about his bad biking habits, for he was a hipster once upon a time)
“Okay, follow me!” (He said this seconds after the above quote.  We began to weave around heavy traffic on our bikes at high speeds)
-Jordan Garcia


If you have any favorite quotes from EPIC, feel free to share below!


Blast from the past


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