Nothing relaxes me more than a hot cup of tea.


Call me weird, but even if it’s super hot outside, the tea is still quite enjoyable.  Granted, I wouldn’t prefer to drink it in the sun, but even in hot shade, its good.  Growing up, my great grandma would always have us kids drink tea in the middle of the day, almost as if it was a necessity.  Of course, in order for us to drink it, she would put in generous spoonfuls of sugar.  I’m surprised none of us became diabetic.  Also every meal at a Chinese restaurant meant tea was the main beverage.  So whether I liked it or not, tea was always there.  But I didn’t really appreciate it until college.  Now that there’s no more late nights, projects or homework, there’s less of a need to have a cup after dinner to sort of unwind.  Also, without a roommate to enjoy tea with, I have no reason to brew a whole teapot.  Nowadays, I just enjoy a cup after lunch at work and maybe after brunch on a Saturday.

There’s just something so magical about tea.  Yeah, sure, there’s the caffeine, and all the properties of that, but still.  It’s nice after a heavy meal.  It’s nice after getting back from a long day at church.  It’s nice when you feel sad.  It’s nice when you’re sick.  It calms your nerves.  It clears your sinuses.  It’s refreshing.  I’m sure there’s many actual healthy things and myths out there, but I swear tea helps you lose weight.  At least it feels like that for me.

I’m no tea connoisseur, but I have tried many teas of the Asian variety.  I kind of stay away from English teas.


What relaxes you?


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