Meet The Wall

This is The Wall.


Some other names we’ve give him over the years include: plays-with-squirrels, Malouie, Ma-six-pack Matt, Matt pack, Fat pack

In case you were wondering why…

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He is a natural leader, confident and athletic.  He is the epitome of “anything you can do I can do better”, because more often than not, that is true.  Though he is tough on the outside, he’s a big softie on the inside.  Growing up, in terms of physical strength, I was considered second to him.  But its the type of second place where he finished a marathon an hour before me and then I came in.  If you ever sat down to talk with him, the depth of the conversation goes deeper than you know.  His love for living things is reflective in the way he cares for his dog, Titus.


Matt always had a certain charisma to him.  It’s hard to explain or measure, but people will always listen to him and often, do what he says.  It’s because of this that I’ll almost always be willing to follow him into the dark, both literally and figuratively.

One time during the Arizona trip we were resting in the shade when an idea came to his mind.  He exclaimed “Hey, we should dig a moat around our tent!  In case it rains again..”  To which I responded with “Yeah, that’s such a good idea!”  So we grabbed some shovels and proceeded to dig around our tent.  For the record, it didn’t rain the rest of that week.


Like the character Ike from Fire Emblem, Matt will always fight for his friends.  One of my favorite stories of Matt involves him lending me his bicycle in middle school.  But he didn’t just do that, he rode it to me while wearing his roller blades so that we could travel back to his house together.  For my bike was still in the shop.  He is always willing to do the heavy lifting; again, both figuratively and literally.  He’ll always volunteer to carry the heavy stuff when we go camping, hiking or biking.  And he’s pretty good at planning and organizing things too.


As many of you know, he’s going to medical school to learn how to save lives.. better.  He spent his younger years training to be a certified lifeguard.  He once saved Kevin from falling off the edge of a cliff when we hiked Escondido Falls.  He onced saved me from imaginary zombies by pulling me up onto a building (for I didn’t have the strength or dexterity to do it myself).  He once lead someone to Christ by merely being his roommate.

Needless to say, Matt and I go way back.  From nerf gun fights, to biking adventures, to long Halo nights, to missions trips.. we’ve been through a lot together.

10299958_10151994619627471_4229191101893590549_n 10298885_10151994621862471_6708922804634850420_n

One of the most epic moments we shared together comes from the Summer after our freshmen year in high school.  We were taking World History together during Summer school.  Since we were freshmen, we thought like freshmen.  Which means we would put off the bigger projects until the last minute.  For this instance, we put it off so much that we forgot when it was actually due.  We had one of those moments where we were like “It’s due next week, right..?”;  only to find out that day was the day to present our projects.  Wide eyed, we looked at each other and calmly collected ourselves.  We approached the teacher and said “Hey.. we left our project at home, can we run there and get it?”  The teacher let us go during the 10 minute break in between classes.  So we ran to my house in the summer heat in flip flops.  When we got there I began typing up slides and printing them out.  Matt borrowed one of my bikes to ride to CVS to buy a poster board and some glue.  In the time he got back, I had everything ready to glue onto it.  To which we rolled it up and rode the bikes back to school.  All this occurred in the time frame of one hour.  Though we received a tardy for the class, we received an A on the project.  Best story ever.

We always joke about the strength Matt possesses.  Though he remains humble about it, the fact of the matter is, he really is that strong.  So strong that the only person capable of physically damaging him is himself.  Whenever he plays football or anything involving contact, he’ll always emerge unscathed (and the opponents.. not so much).  But if he accidentally nicks himself with a broom or something, he feels pain.


We also say he was born with the perfect bone structure and that he is really, really, ridiculously good looking.  He only has one look.. but that doesn’t matter because that one look is the magnum!

229588_10150622170180607_5138745_n 12988_10151226360557471_1962865782_n40107_10150248152205607_6636294_n

I mean, he makes a lot of things look good…

10487258_10202384226021102_151282091370921380_n 1929817_38627155787_1496_n

Like a black bear, he can climb faster than he runs.  True story

IMG_1208 IMG_1209 10401019_72666185787_6159_n 10400696_59056810787_3652_n

Last fact.  And to date this is his fatal flaw.  He sucks at losing.  I don’t mean he is a sore loser, I mean he doesn’t lose at things very often.  All joking aside though, he’s great guy and a good friend.


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