Meet FedEx

This is FedEx


This was him about a year ago..

Some other names we’ve given him over the years include: Special Teams, Gayleb Goy, CJ Gable, boy-boy, K, Cable, Gwai Zai Caleb


He is a passionate, caring and agile individual.  Don’t let his baby-faced complexion and body of a middle school girl fool you, hiding within this “boy” lies a man of God.  Though he looks scrawny, he’ll outpace anyone on a bicycle.. without gears (of course).  Growing up, he was always one of the shortest of us, the other being Stu. In time he would hit his growth spurt and now he stands a few centimeters above a lot of us.  What you see is what you get, by that I mean he is nothing but skin, muscles and bones, he was never considered fat.  He gets a six pack by doing one sit up a day; the act of sitting up to get out of bed.  The muscles that Matt has all over his body, Caleb probably has the same amount but all concentrated into his legs instead.

227305_10100333670119261_1078913_n 254851_10200126175656082_253866486_n

Growing up, he looked up to me, both figuratively and literally.  We played a lot of the same video games and I taught him everything I know.  Though he remains a little unconfident at times, he is often secretly a master mind.  When it comes to great ideas, he is often the source.  He came up with the ever famous game “Ultimate Weenus”; a card game based on the pictures of TMNT cards.  He spearheaded the orchestration of our “Live Life” performance.  And he’ll often come up with stupid or silly things for Matt to do; to which I’ll eventually follow suit.

There is no question that he is great with kids.  It might be because he himself is a kid, but it can’t just be that.  Kids will always listen to what he has to say and they’re more obedient around him.

306301_2488874188346_116385849_n 10400205_1207721440328_4124869_n

Working with children so much has given him a very kind heart in general.  Without a cue, he’ll often jump to help others, regardless if it benefits him.  These acts of kindness range from giving rides to getting paint out of your hair to bike maintenance.


One time he willingly strapped a bicycle to his back while bicycling all in the name of fun.  We were tasked with picking up Spencer from Summer School, and we wanted to make it interesting.  So instead of simply driving there, we biked there.  Spencer wasn’t too happy about that.


Another time, I had injured my finger in Thailand, rendering me near useless when it came to carrying groceries and supplies back to our living quarters.  Though it was raining and we all had to pile into the back of Peter’s truck, Caleb stuffed his backpack with all our goodies.  Like, 50 lbs. worth of assorted bottled iced teas.


He possesses enough athleticism to play pretty much any sport due to his dexterity.  But since he wants to preserve his complexion, he’ll usually avoid contact sports.  He is pretty good at basketball though.  He played ever since he was little, and kept up with it for the most part.  Whether in rain, extreme humidity or dry heat, he’ll give you a run for your money.


I’ve spent many a missions trip serving with him.  4 years of HSMT (back when 4 years was unheard of) and 2 trips to Thailand.  I’ve biked many miles with him; a handful of which he needed to push me through it.  He was the trailblazer for the whole biking thing between us guys.  He started riding his sister’s fixie which got us interested.  Though I never bought into the whole fixed gear craze, we all eventually ditched our mountain bikes.  A lot of good or fun memories stem from long bike rides, both in the night and day.  He inspired me to want to ride more and better.  I promised myself I would be able to keep up with him some day.  Although I kept to that goal, he has since only gotten faster and stronger.

Needless to say, Caleb and I go way back.  From BB gun fights, to sleepovers, to SMA, to being summer workout buddies.. we’ve been through a lot together.

1934281_137415998123_1002127_n 10339700_10154205864915788_5794850021381069394_n 1934281_137415808123_1233389_n


I tell you the truth, he’ll make a good husband some day just because he has a big heart.  Through the same aspects, he’ll be a good uncle or guardian some day too.  He definitely doesn’t repel women like I do.  Rather, something about his version of the magnum is just so captivating.

1934281_137416288123_4408576_n 208854_4587256846601_763046753_n


He certainly puts considerable effort into the things he wants to get done, which is were that fiery passion comes from.  He’ll probably serve in missions until he just can’t anymore.

His weakness though?  He gets sleeping during car rides.  You know how some parents used to drive their restless baby around in their car for them to fall asleep?  Same concept.


Though he would appear to be the scrawniest out of all of us, he’s probably the manliest, in that he is the hairiest.  In all seriousness though, he’s a great guy and a good friend.


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