Meet Kevin

This is Kevin


Some other names we’ve given him over the years include: Big Kevin, Kev, Gangsta Kev, Coach, Not-Baseball Kevin


He is organized, a goofball and a people person.  Though he seems to have a tough and stern persona, he actually likes to joke around a lot.  Whether it is on purpose or not, you can count on him to provide comic relief when times are tough or when tensions are high.  When it comes to serious business though, you can count of him to have everything together.  He’s planned many an event and trips too.  He’s the type of guy who is able to talk to strangers or classmates or bystanders very easily.  It’s because of that that he is a great conversationalist.  Gifted with a silver tongue, he can probably convince you to believe false things, luckily he only uses that skill for good and not evil.  He’s actually pretty good with a grill too.


To speak of the history of us would be like trying to learn about Obama’s presidency in US history; it’s still too fresh and ongoing to give an accurate analysis or portrayal of.  We met each other around sophomore year in high school when he was brought to church and Friday night fellowships by his friend and classmate, Austin (Crouching Tiger).  Around that time, we didn’t talk all that much since he mainly hung around the grade below us.  The only real conversation I had with him then was when he told me he stole one of my poems for his English class and got an A.  During that time, Myspace was still going, so I had posted some stuff there.  The person that put the most effort into befriending him then was actually Caleb.  Even when Kevin fell away and stopped coming to our church, Caleb would still text him and call him to try to hang out.  He was pretty sad after the final rejection.  A couple years passed, and Kevin came back a new man and with a new outlook on life.  In college was when we started having more meaningful conversations and we grew as friends.

Because of all this, he actually spends a fair amount of time with Caleb; mainly biking.  Kevin’s a nice guy, in that he will always hang back to bike at my pace when we ride together.  The other guys will be way ahead of us, but he’ll stick around to make sure I don’t get lost or anything like that.  He’s so humble, he’ll say he actually can’t go that fast, but if you trained with Caleb on a daily basis, there’s no doubt you’d be a strong biker as well.  Between us guys, he’s the only guy other than me that uses gears when we ride.

524484_4130560258240_1251144627_n 205534_1978538742385_4201174_n

Despite having fallen off his bike or wiping out the most out of all of us, he still refuses to wear a helmet when we ride together.  So gangster.


He is always willing to drive.  During our third year of college before I was given a car to use, he helped me out.  He would pick me up and drive me to Spencer’s house to hang out.  He drove me to UCI to play football with Stu and friends.  He drove me to UCR to bike to Irvine with Caleb and friends.  He would drive out to Pomona just to hang out with me.


The only missions trip that I served with him on was CSM (Center for Student Missions).  We spent a weekend in the heart of LA ministering to the homeless and to some urban youth and elderly.  Even then, we probably were still considered acquaintances.  But something must have gone right during that trip, since he eventually became a leader there for a Summer.


Even still, he’ll often be the deciding factor in getting me to do something; mainly because we have the same athletic potential and thought processes.  He’s just so convincing sometimes!


Needless to say, Kevin and I have a good friendship.  From the long car rides, to the treacherous bike rides, to study sessions, to the food adventures.. we’ve already been through a lot together.

He’s always willing and able to help, even when he’s not.  He picks up things really quickly.  He works well under pressure or when on his toes.  And wow, look at those eyes; you could really get lost in those.

1458433_10202556230726251_365579387_n 407672_10151100123227823_370006042_n


Unfortunately, there are just some things he can’t say no to..

603025_10151555466552749_160790814_n 602472_10151100123042823_1277528065_n

In all seriousness though, he’s a great guy and a good friend.


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