Meet X-deF

This is X-deF


Some other names we’ve given him over the years include: Stuie, Stu-Poo, Suh-Wanna-Be-Matt Stuart, Stacie, Stört, Stuart Little, Stoosh


The words I would used to describe him are unique, clever and protective.  His style and demeanor is just so one-of-kind.  Not many people are capable of pulling off wearing their mom’s clothing or shorts that look like Dr. Seuss barfed on them.  He’s probably the only person on this Earth that can commit fashion Faux Pas and make it look good.  It’s no wonder he’s such a fine specimen, he was born with the perfect bone structure after all.  He’s never afraid to go against the grain, in a good way.  Even though he spent his fair share of time being short, he was never any form of a pansy.  I heralded him as my “#1 man” when we were younger, cause he could probably take anyone in a fight.  Never ever lose a slap bet to Stu, he has the strongest male slap known to man.  Though he looks like a jokester, he takes being serious very seriously.

Does it look like he’s kidding..?

1929817_38629060787_8056_n 1929817_38627465787_6840_n

This man of God was forged through many fires; because for the longest time he only had sisters growing up.  Through all this, he has a genuine love for both his friends and family.  I value my friendships dearly after growing up with one sister.. he has three.  His protective nature has really shown throughout all our years.  When we were younger, he was never afraid to tell the bigger kids to “back off” when they even tried to pick on me.  In elementary school, he punched a girl really hard because she was beating up Matt.  Such a good friend.

Growing up with so many sisters has certainly given him a certain zeal when it comes to interacting with girls.  Though it’s all fun and platonic, there’s just a certain magnetic pull he has.

1929817_38410210787_5676_n 556158_10150696548152471_2062434651_n

That being said, you will never regret having a one-on-one time with Stu (for both guys and girls).  There’s just so much depth into that mind of his.  You really can talk about anything and everything.  Silly stuff, deep things, girls, games, or thoughts on life, he’ll have something to say about it.  He’ll always comes up with the greatest quips, sayings, jokes, rhymes and comebacks for any situation.

There’s no question that Stu is a great drummer and a creative artist.  But few people know that he was trained in the art of harmonizing.  He’s also a pretty fine quarterback with that laser-rocket-arm of his.


Since he’s a great drummer, you can always count on him to obscure the rhythm of games like king elephant.  Since he has the natural beat in his head, he’ll create syncopation and offbeats which eventually confuse people and throw them off.  Despite having one of the most basic fixed geared bikes, he is a strong rider.


In terms of missions trips, I’ve been to CSM, Thailand, Mexico and Arizona with him.  He definitely has a servant’s heart, especially for the children.  Despite language barriers, he’ll always put his best effort into communicating with people.  Despite harsh weather conditions, he will always give his all to the task at hand.  Being an eagle scout has certainly made him resourceful.  He once chopped wood with only half an axe.  He once impromptu taught an English class with Matt in Thailand.  He once made a smoke bomb out of match heads and Snapple caps (well, it didn’t work, but still).  It’s hard to explain his effectiveness because a lot of what he does is actually behind the scenes work.


Like Matt, I grew up with Stu.  The three of us would always be at each others’ houses.  But, I think we’ve ended up at Stu’s house the most.  He’s always open to having people over and he’s great at playing host.  From lazy Sunday afternoons to last minute get-togethers, it’s always a good time.

Perhaps the most memorable moment I have with Stu was one day when I was over at his house.  It was just the two of us and we were super bored and looking for something to do.  What we ended up doing was using whatever we’ve learned in college so far to break down our current situation.  For me, I was using my basic logic class to define our situation and to see if there was any fault in its argumentation.  For Stu, he was linguistically breaking down our words to find a deeper meaning. We ended up going no where, but it was pretty fun and cool to see it all happen at that time.  And that’s just a taste of who we are as a duo (as rare as that is).  We are able to systematically break something down and claw at it for deeper meaning and information.  Not to prove who is more right, but to discover new horizons.  Between the two of us, we sometimes come up with some great ideas (for plans, events or meals).

Needless to say, Stu and I go way back.  From the fires we made, to the few classes we shared, to the cam jams, to making bubble rings.. we’ve been through a lot together

Unlike the other guys, he has more than just ONE LOOK.  Take a gander:

10293645_10151994626302471_2509392616555388644_o 1929817_38620390787_3651_n 1929817_38408195787_7291_n 1929817_38405195787_6802_n 1929817_38124975787_5678_n 1000328_10151780004004641_125167650_n 1098434_10201788172333832_640830505_n

In all seriousness though, he’s a great guy and a good friend.


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