Meet The Rainbow

This is The Rainbow.


Some other names we’ve given him over the years include: Stubs, Mar-teen, Marzo, Party Marty, Thuman’s Thurman


He is an intellectual, independent and musical person.  He was definitely one of the smartest when we were going through high school and he currently holds the highest degree amongst us.  If you wish to have a well constructed and educated conversation with someone, look no further.  He has a certain eloquence with his words.  He’ll always have something encouraging to say, no matter your circumstance.  Also, I don’t think he’s ever said a sentence that didn’t make sense.  As a bonus he’ll often use vocabulary words we spent so much time learning in school.  Unless otherwise stated, he’ll always know what he’s talking about.  He was one of the few students that learn to know, rather than learn to pass.

10580816_10203531700746008_8462902544645671370_o 10264970_577246255706043_7043798465621820958_n

He really is a one man band, in that he plays every instrument a band would want.  He can play the guitar, the drums, the bass, the piano, the clarinet and he has a strong solo voice.  Though I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for him to pick other things up.  Through his musicianship, he got me to play with him during super and youth worship (back when it wasn’t as organized).  He’s great to serve with since he thinks on the macro level.  By that, I mean he knows how to compose a song or set given his team and their talents.


He’s so musically gifted that he drums and strums in his sleep:


He played a large part in putting this number together:

Well grounded in his faith and knowledge, he often provides others with good answers or advice to their issues and problems (us included).  His faith is without a doubt, his own.  Always seeking to grow in wisdom and in his relationship with the LORD, it’s rare to see him without a Bible in his hand or close by.  He once brought a Bible into the movie theaters (because we were watching Paranormal Activity, but still).

I’ve served with him in both HSMT and for Amor in Mexico.  It is on the missions field that I see that he isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to get stuff done.  Since idle hands are the devil’s workshop, he rarely likes to do nothing.  Rather, he is always seeking to do something (anything) that can be productive, fun or a blessing to others.

Needless to say, Marty and I go way back.  From the Yugioh duels, to the worship practices, to the AIM conversations, to the long conversations.. we’ve been through a lot together.


Memorable moments of Marty usually involve him doing acts of extreme courage.  One time, with lots of prompt, we got him to give the entire Aragorn speech (at the black gates).  Bare in mind, this moment was 10 years after the movie came out.  Though it was dated, he gave it accurately with gusto and passion.  Though there was nothing to be inspired for, he inspired us all to go into battle with him. (This one:


For Ghana-dor…

Another time, back in middle school, Marty shaved his head at camp.  HE SHAVED HIS HEAD AT CAMP (with the magical shaver in the forest)!  It was one of those God-changed-his-life-commitment things.  So, all we had were a super small pair of scissors and a couple electric shavers (meant for shaving beards).  He had so much hair at the time that it took two people to do it.  And because of that, the results were probably a little undesirable.  Nonetheless, it took everyone by surprise at testimony time.  It showed that he was above vanity.

Speaking of which.. Wow.  Look at that hair of his.  It’s so malleable and nice to look at.

10014625_10152043675430888_890402420_n 1929817_38409275787_622_n 1929817_38407650787_552_n 1468539_513976402033029_1167721721_n 1268699_486147914815878_1386311604_o 34852_470425825409_2910741_n 62284_1567368216995_169534_n 168209_10150150145042209_4311110_n

One time, he shaved his legs for a video we were making for someone’s birthday.  HE SHAVED HIS LEGS!  It’s pretty clear that Marty will do anything for his friends.

In general, Marty is a pretty serious guy.  Like, he’ll take messing around or having fun seriously too.  Amidst one joke he was pulling, the victim didn’t really know how to respond.  So the victim decided to offer Marty eternal life.  To which he cried “blasphemy!”


The victim.. maybe he is qualified to give the benediction?

All joking aside though, he’s a great guy and a good friend.


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