The Origins of JEL

When Clan WumboQ dispersed into separate schools, it wasn’t too long until they each got plugged in and involved in their own campus.  In the beginning, we agreed to take turns calling each other, as well as meeting as a group over webcam.  But slowly, we got busier and there began being Sundays where some of us stayed out at school.  For each of us, there’s probably a story of how we formed our own friend group in our fellowships while at school.  Stories of how they met, how they were able to bond and how their strong friendships were ultimately forged.  Here’s mine.

When I was a freshman, I spent a lot of time being a hermit.  Being shy in high school, a lot of those habits stuck with me.  As mentioned earlier, the only people I talked to were my roommates and the few people I met during welcome week.  I went to EPIC maybe twice and other than that, I was pretty anti-social.  Sophomore year rolled around and I got plugged into EPIC, but even then I found myself in my dorm room a lot.  I did make some solid efforts though, I didn’t really find my confidence until I took that one speech class.  In any case, not too long after I started attending EPIC again, I met others that were my year.


We had a couple grade hangouts together, and that’s when I met Eddie.


We bonded over playing football in high school, among other things.  But the extent of our friendship remained in a grade setting for the time being.

That year in EPIC, there were a handful of newcomers (technically speaking, myself included).  One of them was Lauren.  And I’ll be honest, when he first introduced himself, I thought “is his name really Lauren?”  Not too long after that, I remembered my principle in high school was named Loren as well.  


I didn’t really get to know Lauren until I started going to small groups, as rare as that was.  For one activity, we were paired up and required to make a team name.  We came up with “Joshiba” (my first name + his last name).  We were so proud of it, we kept referencing it from time to time.  For example, “first rule of Joshiba, you can’t stop us!”

This is what Joshiba felt like:


Time would pass and Eddie would decide to live in the suites with Lauren.  While they lived together, I would bike over and study the book of Mark with them.  The following year, I would live in an apartment with Lauren.  And the year after that, Eddie and I lived together, and Lauren visited quite frequently.  Though the three of us never lived together at the same time, there were always moments where the odd one out would come over for some reason.  By our last year in school, that would forge this deep bond within us.

It went something like this:


It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly this bond formed.  Lauren and I formed a good friendship by living together, and the same thing happened with Eddie.  One moment I was talking them as separate people, the next thing I know we had formed this council of wisdom; we’re all engineers after all.  We were actually on the same teams that built robots.

970101_10152838785100788_305776775_n 479170_3720073834103_413547652_o

We didn’t even come up with the name JEL (our first initials put together) until the Summer after we graduated.  We bonded over tea, biking and video games.  It’s not uncommon to just see us hanging out on Skype since distance can’t stop us.


Not doctored at all..

As a trio, a lot of nonsense usually occurs.  One time we were all walking to Denny’s and I needed to stop to tie my shoe.  When I bent down, I found out they were posing with me while I tied my shoelaces together.  One time, on a whim, we jumped into Lauren’s car and drove to Torrance with him, cause he needed to get something from his home.  One time Eddie and I went out to get fried chicken and pizza and other junky foods for Lauren, because he was feeling down in the dumps.  Many nights weren’t complete until we made a trip to Alberto’s for a midnight snack.  We just like to do stupid and silly stuff together.

tumblr_lk4cuiTHeM1qah4nko1_500Despite it all, there have been some good deep and serious moments between us.  Many nights of prayer and encouragement.  As well as good old fashion fellowship over a pot of tea.

954878_10151484773247849_1249016160_n 954851_10152932702805788_1975092123_n1012339_10152964864085788_564884696_n

Though our history is not as extensive as the history I have with Clan WumboQ, there is still plenty to write now that we’re in young adulthood and stuff.  We remain the best of friends even after our college careers have ended.


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