The E in JEL

This is Eddie.


Some other names you might know him by are: Cheeseburger Eddie, Chazburger Edday, Ready Eddie, Edward Cullen, Hoyin, Hamburger Eddie, Spaghetti Eddie, Chow-Chow


He is a bashful, caring and genuine person.  He has trouble being arrogant, because he is always so humble.  When I first met Eddie, he was dressed like a “bro”.  He wore a tank top, cargo shorts and flip flops.  His lanyard that held his keys was sticking out of his pocket and he had biceps the size of my thighs.  Upon greeting him, his first words to me were actually “Sup bro?”  Because of this, I couldn’t help but constantly compliment him on his size and stature.  I treated him like The Wall.


That’s when I learned he takes his compliments like this:

Very bashfully

He’ll always give credit where credit is due.  Whether it is a team activity, group project, of just cooking, he’ll always redirect the positive attention elsewhere.  Speaking of which, he is quite a good chef.  He sticks to his roots and cooks with nothing more than a butcher knife, chopsticks and a wok.  He has yet to cook something that tastes bad.  I’ve served as his sous chef many times, and it’s quite the honor working with him.


I’ll spare you his interesting past and let him tell you the stories.  But through his upbringing, he has learned to care about a lot of things and people.  One time, our friend was shimmying up a slanted tree and he fell on his back.  As we all laughed at his stupidity, Eddie was actually the only one to rush to his side and make sure he was okay (he was okay).  One time when biking to campus, he pulled over to help someone fix their bike chain, since it had derailed.  During my late nights, he would always stay up with me; sometimes he needed to, but sometimes it was to make sure I slept before he did .  It’s very common to see him cooking for people just because he can.  It’s also common for him to be seen engaging in conversation with someone who is feeling down.  He also served on EPIC leadership all his years.

When I lived with him, I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was weird, because it didn’t take long for us to form this great friendship we have.  We would think the same thoughts and finish each other’s sentences.  We picked up on each other’s mannerism as well.  I got him into biking and some of my discipline rubbed off onto him.  I learned a lot about cooking just by watching him and I gained a lot of his chivalrous nature.  His company is very enjoyable, for our conversations varied from spiritual affairs, stories of Felicity, nerd talk, geek speak and programming problems.  We even exercised together a few times, running sprints and biking reasonable distances.  Despite living together for a year though, we never touched.  Which made our first hug all the more special.


June 15, 2013, 7pm,  College of Engineering graduation

He is a gifted story teller.  Either that or his life has been very interesting up to this point.  He is a cheeseburger because he is a hopeless romantic.  Whether he is telling a story of his past or a fabricated fantasy story for someone else, you can depend on it to be cheesy and like a Korean or Taiwanese drama.  The topic of romance, love interests, crushes or even Felicitys are all things he enjoys discussing.  And you can’t blame him either, because before you know it you’ll get caught up in the chatter as well.

If you haven’t noticed already, he’s a strong man.  Like really buff.  Back in the dorm days, I would see him in the gym sometimes.  He worked out so hard that I got tired looking at him.  He did crazy stuff like jump over a bench spinning in the air while holding weights (all in a bright red under armor shirt).  I would always make him lift heavy things for me, mainly so that I could show him off to people.

Though we don’t have any epic grandiose stories between us, we have a bunch of awesome little moments.  For our year of living together, we compiled a wall of inspirational quotes.  We put one up every week.


Cooking for EPIC events together..


Mopping the floor without mops..


Fried Rice Saturdays…


Watching Saturday morning cartoons, tea times, grocery runs, late night biking, walking in the rain, making money by taking thousands of surveys and so much more..

421629_624333900910863_485511048_n IMG_1496

My most favorite story with him is probably when I asked him to cube some spam for me.  When I asked for it, I found out that he had just cut the standard spam slab in half; as if cubing wasn’t self-explanatory.  It was funny seeing him struggle with a simple term and we had a good laugh about it.  By all means, there’s a lot of things in the kitchen that he can do that I can’t.

He was kind of cutting it like this..


It goes without saying though, that he is a great guy and a good friend.


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