My Food Concoctions for the Average College Student

Many of you know me to be a pretty competent cook.  I learned a fair amount from watching my mom, my grandma and the Food Network.  But the brunt of my knowledge comes from a lot of trial and error.  When I was still in school, I only really cooked, I hardly went out to get a meal.  When I was still figuring some things out, I would tell people that I experimented in the kitchen (rather than cooked).  I know this will cater more to my college audience (if any), so without further adieu, I present to you some weird (good?) food combinations I came up with during the tough times and during my creative moments.  And don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Ramen + Soy Sauce + Avocado
Sort of like a deconstructed California roll

Yes, a ramen omelette.  Gives new dimensions to the flavor packet

Ramen Burrito
It’s nice to pack as a lunch to-go.  It’s better when complemented by something else too (like maybe.. soy sauce and avocados?).  The joy of ramen without having to eat it out of a bowl.

Leftover Burrito
If you ever find that you want to eat something quick but don’t have time to make the rice to put it over, try wrapping it in a tortilla instead.  This is also good for a packed lunch.

Beating Eggs
I creatively learned that you can beat pretty much anything into your eggs, not just milk or water.  In lieu of milk, I once beat salsa into my eggs and from there tried other things (soy sauce, pepper, chili flakes, pork sun, etc.).  Try it!

Having made Mexican rice on more than one occasion, I explored other possibilities.  Instead of water, try putting in beef or chicken stock, and don’t be afraid to throw dry ingredients in there too.  If you want to be fancy, you can actually cook your chicken or lup chong with the rice in the rice cooker.

Inspired by Bobby Flay, who cooked his pasta in hotdog water on Iron Chef, I tried doing the same to preseason my pasta.  The flavor is subtle, but it’s still a concept I’m exploring.  I’ve tried simple things like pepper water, to reusing boiling water that was used to cook other things (vegetables or meat).

Bread Crumbs
Inspired by Epic Meal Time, instead of bread crumbs, try using chips or Cheez-its the next time you make a hamburger patty, meatloaf or meatballs.  It’s pretty cool.

Curry + Chili + Corn
I invented this concoction with Man Lauren.  He wanted his canned chili one night, and I wanted my packet curry.  So we combined it and the results were surprisingly good.

Leftover Sauces
I’ve found that Inn-n-out spread goes well with any sort of beef.  One specific instance was with Taiwanese beef rolls.  And on that note, Chik fil A sauce goes well with any sort of chicken.  If you ever have a problem of what to do with your extra sauce packets.

Katsu Sauce
One time B man’s forgot to give me katsu sauce with my katsu bowl.  So I made my own.  Equal parts ketchup, oyster sauce and tapatio make a pretty good substitute.  Still on the topic of sauces..

Any Sauce + Mayo = An Aioli or a fancy sauce
More or less..

The simple act of baking cheese on top of something makes it taste so much better.  Especially for something like budget box macaroni.  And that goes for pasta as well.  If you’re going through a rough quarter, microwaving cheese on top of your rice is not a bad option if you had not time to do groceries.

Mac and Cheese
Try mixing these into to your next pot of budget mac: ground beef, spam, bacon, or canned tuna and onions or peas.

Cooked carrots tossed in sweet chili sauce
It’s pretty good.

I’ve mastered Cheeseburger Eddie’s formula for marinating chickens and steaks.  Marinate your meats in
– something salty (like soy or oyster sauce)
– something tangy (like worcestershire sauce)
– something spicy (like white pepper, or tabasco)
– something sweet (like honey)
Finding the balance between them all is the hard part.

Garlic + Vegetables
If you’re pan frying your vegetables anyway, throw some garlic in there.

Broccoli + Clam Chowder + Parmesan Cheese
Bake it altogether.  Add pepper to taste.

Mustard + Pepperoni Pizza
It works since pepperoni is like a deli meat

Put Ground Beef in your Pancake Batter
Who says you can only put fruit or chocolate chips in a pancake?  If you think about it, it’s not too far from a corn dog.  Came up with this one with Joe bro.

Try these out!  And let me know if you actually enjoy it too!
What are some weird food things that you have come up with?


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