When I’m at work, I often listen to a playlist off of YouTube, rather than use something like Spotify or Pandora.  The only exception is Christmas time, where I constantly stream KOST.  That aside, the past couple days I have been listening to the soundtracks of musicals.  Feeling nostalgic, I pulled up the soundtrack to Starlight Express.  From there I kind of had a flashback to my super young days.  I remembered sitting in a car seat listening to most of these musicals.

Upon reflection, I realized my mom raised me on Andrew Lloyd Webber.  The only question is if it was on purpose or not.  You see, every car ride, how ever long or short, there was always a cassette tape playing (presumably to keep us kids entertained).  If it wasn’t a Disney cassette, it was By Jeeves, Starlight Express, Cats, or Sunset Boulevard.  When the times changed and the new media was CDs, it was Phantom of the Opera or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat constantly being played in the car.

Here are some of the songs I’ve been going to for the past couple days:

This might explain my natural affinity for musicals.  As I grew up, I learned to appreciate the likes of Grease and West Side Story.  Something about musicals, it’s just so fun.

And of course there’s Disney too.  I went through a phase where I think I liked High School Musical a little too much.  But the classics will always reign supreme.

Surprisingly, I never caught on to the whole Wicked craze though.  I never bothered to see it, nor was the soundtrack ever that appealing to me.  Nonetheless the influence of music is powerful.
Do you have a favorite musical?


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