The Blame Game

In the gaming world, it’s a pretty common practice to adopt an attitude of blaming oneself in order to be a better gamer.  Although it’s easier (and perhaps foolish) to blame luck, the factor of randomness or terrain or something like that, the better thing to do is to ask, “What could I have done better or differently in that scenario?”  Skill differential and RNG aside, what it really boils down to is what you did right then and there or perhaps even a few steps before that.  In team games especially, you won’t get anywhere pointing fingers.

Understanding that concept while still in school, I took it and tried to apply it to real life (you know, where things actually matter).  Except, instead of being a better gamer, it taught me to be a better person.  If you don’t do this already, I challenge you to do so (both as a gamer and as a person).  Take it to extremes, it really changes your perspectives on things.  And you can have fun with it too.

Step 1: Blame yourself.
Step 2: Ask yourself what you could have done differently
Step 3: Answer it / do it

Some of the conclusions I came to were (however silly) were helpful as I applied them:

Its’ my fault that my roommate is having a bad day because I took too long to cook dinner for us, and maybe it wasn’t tasty enough

Maybe my Thailand team teammates are frustrated with each other because I didn’t do enough that day

It’s my fault that so-and-so doesn’t want to talk to me because I accidentally wronged him 4 years ago

Maybe that person doesn’t want to go to EPIC meeting anymore because I never said “hi” to them

And so forth..

Sounds stupid.  But blame yourself, and you’ll find new avenues and meanings to multiple scenarios in life.  Think about it, even if it wasn’t your fault, what kind of world would we live in if everyone took responsibility over their actions, however small.
Try it!


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