Day 1: Smile in the Mirror

I decided to take on BuzzFeed’s 12-Day Love Yourself Challenge.  Not that I don’t love myself, I just figured it’s a 12 day thing and my seemingly mundane days could use a change of pace.  And who knows, maybe I can learn something new.


I told myself I would make a conscious effort to smile whenever I looked at something that cast my reflection.  Although it made me feel a little self-conscious about my smile, It made me feel like I don’t smile enough.  I do remember being told a couple times in high school that I have a nice smile.  I also found myself trying to imitate other people’s smiles, both their regular ones and their goofy ones.  I probably looked silly giggling at my reflections.
I also realized there are a fair amount of things at my desk that cast a reflection…


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