Day 3: Compliment Yourself

Ah yes, an excuse to be vain.  I have broad shoulders that help round out my figure and put on the facade that I am muscular or at least athletic.  I don’t have biceps to show off, but I am very proud of my muscular calves.  I have a good set of ears; they have the ability to hear our pick out even the slightest of things, most of the time.


In doing this, I was reminded of this Dove campaign.

It’s hard to describe yourself, let alone positively.  Even my statements above were written in the non-negative sense.  When I was younger, I remember I didn’t like my name, nor did I like the sound of my own voice.  I didn’t like that I was super skinny.  And then later I wouldn’t like that I was chubby.  Now that I’m grown up and everything and perspectives have changed, this was a nice reminder not to be too hard on myself.

I also remember Victor Chayasirisobhon’s opening words during his first sermon during high school camp of 2011.  He said and repeated a couple times “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”  Which was cool, because I think people need to hear that more.  It was obviously powerful since that was what all the kids talked about during cabin time that night.


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