Day 4: Write Something Nice About Yourself

So, I’ll basically write a little of what I would have written, had none of my friends responded to my previous request.



This is The Couch, the J in JEL


He is adaptive, nerdy and resilient.  His reactionary approach to life is far superior than what many people know.  He is able to turn anything into a resource at his disposal.  In Thailand, he once ransacked a high school for power strips because his team needed an extension cable badly.  On various occasions, he has forgotten his chin rest for his violin; his quick solution was to wedge his wallet between his violin and shoulder.  In Arizona, in lieu of a grill, he found a fence to grill burgers on instead.  He learns very quickly, whether it is a game, activity or academics.  Life is just one big strategy to him.


He absolutely resented Math and Sciences in all throughout middle and high school.  His inner-nerd came to fruition as he learned the power of logic, numbers and letters in computer science.  He initially picked up a minor in math to gain leverage in his future resume, but ended up enjoying how much it complimented his major.  For the sake of fun and nerdiness, he’ll often find himself mathematically or logically deducing things before him.  These “issues” range from calculating the amount of miles he needs to ride on his bicycle before it has paid for itself to determining what dividing by zero actually means.  A scholar at his core, things like paying attention, taking notes and learning are far from foreign to him.


Don’t let those nerd arms fool you, he spent some time in high school playing football.  Despite spending most of practice being tackled, it only strengthened him.  Not known for his upfront strength, you can always depend on him to give 110%, whether it’s biking, running, exercising or a sport he doesn’t even know how to play.  He currently holds the record for solo Turkey Bowl Frank Tran tackles at 2.  He is sturdy, he recovers quickly from life’s lemons.  This resilience extends to his emotional well being as well.  His feelings regenerate twice as fast.  He won’t outpace you in speed, rather he will with his persistence and stamina.


His most clutch moment so far in life involves a group presentation.  In a collaborative extracurricular project with Cal Poly SLO, both schools were to present their current progress about half way through the school year.  In front of a panel of Northrop Grumman’s executives, Cal Poly SLO’s programming team presented their research and findings regarding computer vision and color segmentation.  Note, it was ONLY their research and theories.  They had no product or code to show, just pictures they copied and pasted from a book.  The panel was impressed; after all, the research was graduate student level work.  And then it was Josh’s turn.

SLO’s team of programmers consisted of 5-6 active members.  Cal Poly Pomona’s programming team consisted of 2, his lead and him.  Except.. He did all the research for computer vision and target tracking by himself.  AND he wrote the code and made it work by himself.  AND he was able to show examples of his complete and ready code.  AND he was taking 18 units that quarter.  This is what he presented:


Edge detection, to keep the robot on a determined path


Color Segmentation: Filter out all but yellow


Target Tracking / Blob Detection: Searching for the largest red object 4

Don’t ever tell him SLO is the better school…

SLO’s team spent the rest of the year and even the year after that begging for his code.

Needless to say though, Josh is a great guy.


Felt pretty awesome writing all that!


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