Day 6: Be Proud of Yourself

I got a lot done today.  As such, I am quite proud of myself.

enhanced-25314-1408636371-20Ran a few errands including filling up on gas, going to the bank, and doing some shopping for Hikoi.  I also set aside time to do some sprints since it’s turkey bowl season.  Although I wasn’t able to hit my number on sprints, I figure any number greater than zero in this heat is a feat in of itself.  Lastly, I had a chance to make meatballs for dinner.

photoIt tasted pretty good.  I’m proud because the last time I tried to cook meatballs for dinner, Cheeseburger Eddie looked at me with baby panda eyes and asked “why can’t we just have hamburger patties instead?”  So we had hamburgers..  But I digress.  I feel pretty accomplished today.


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