Day 9: Compliment Others

I certainly don’t have a way with spoken words.  I speak much differently than what I write, I mean that in the sense of I don’t know what I’m saying sometimes.  In the same way that I describe myself in the non-negative sense, it took a bit of effort to compliment people.


I actually didn’t do this a whole lot today, I was really engrossed in my work.  Building a Facebook app takes a lot out of you, but I still got a couple things out there..

I told my lead that I hope to someday be able to code in SQL as well as he does.

I told my coworker who always helps me that he’s good with weird things.  I meant that in the sense of he always has solutions to my hardest programming problems.

I told my aunt that she’s a nice person.  Though, I tell her that a lot.


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