Day 10: Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Thinking of the words “pat” and “back”, I remembered this scene:



Early on at my current job, one of my biggest accomplishments was building a Chrome App.  I coded it all from the bottom up and pretty much from scratch by myself.  The last time I really needed to touch it was in February.  Today I was tasked with spinning off a new version of it and it is the bane of every programmer to come back to his code 6 or more months later.  It’s hard to remember how everything worked or where everything was.  In layman’s terms, it’s like writing an essay and turning it in.  And then your teacher gives it back to you 6 months later to have you edit something.

Luckily, past Josh takes care of future Josh.  I remember commenting every little detail of my code and making sure it was easily readable.  What I thought was going to be days of work turned out to be much less.  A few changes here and there and it was good to go.
Pat on the back to past Josh.


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