The Legend of 140E Part 1

It’s hard to construct a coherent anthology of the history of 140E.  So I’ll just start from the beginning, and hopefully everything will just come together.


First, the background.  140E is an apartment located in the University Village at Cal Poly Pomona.  Similar to Sheldon’s spot on the couch, it is at the perfect location.  Immediately in front of the door is the basketball court and swimming pool.  A few steps away from there is the laundry room, the bus stop, the mailboxes and the main office.  It is an upstairs apartment which you means you don’t have to worry about noise coming from above.  At the foot of the stairs is the BBQ pit.  And because of its convenient location, it is an easily recognizable place.  It wasn’t hard to tell someone to go to the basketball court and then eventually find the place.

But the story actually begins in 140A, the apartment right below it, where not one, but two Kevin’s decided to live together.  Kevin La and Kevin Zhang.

264680_746364138272_8272256_n 240441_10150189403552572_3984412_o

La on the left, Zhang on the right.

Both hailing from nor cal, they decided to live together in 2009.  And that’s actually where the first iconic relic originated: The Chipotle Bag.


“The Chipotle Bag started when Chipotle was the best tasting thing around, with not much other options. Kevin and I would pick up food and be ready to watch 24. As time accumulated, our Azn-ness eventually stocked up too many napkins. Of course we don’t waste, so we started saving them, and leaving them around. When asked to clean up, we simply put them into a bag. Overtime, the Chipotle napkin bag came to be and remained with us for over 4 years before handed down.” – La

And yes.  It was the same bag throughout all the years.

The year would end and they would go on to claim 140E, where they added Mason into the mix.

18068_662384154744_7770004_nAnd this is where this apartment truly became an EPIC apartment (pun intended).  EPIC members would hold onto this apartment for the years to come and the legacy would be born.  Following Mason and Zhang’s graduation, they were quickly replaced with Joe-Bro, Dave and Cheeseburger Eddie.

35405_454256998293_2309575_n 26080_382731076215_6910757_n


When La went on to graduate and Dave left to pursue other things, that opened up space for Greg and Me.

249315_10151270266834078_1123393685_nThough Greg wasn’t from EPIC, he was probably the first random that 140E made nice with.  As such, it was common to see him hanging out and eating with us.  For the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 years, 140E had some visitors that were over quite often.  Because of that, they are more or less its honorary tenants.  Travis, Cecilia and Rachel would be over a lot for various reasons.  It’s funny, a couple of them were over so much that people began to suspect that they lived there..

52047_10150345671685495_4561786_o 408816_10151236564400582_1712971398_n

394753_476151025729152_727840446_nAnd that was the beauty of 140E.  More than just an apartment, it was a rest stop for commuters that didn’t want to go to the library.  It was a safe haven to go to the bathroom, especially for Joe Chan.  It was a place to hang out and for many occasions, sleepover.  The door was always open to everyone.  And I do mean that literally.  It was always unlocked, night or day, vacant or occupied.  It was a place to host small groups.  It was a place to be if you didn’t want to be alone that evening.  More importantly, it was an EPIC apartment because that’s where the majority of the EPIC supplies were stored.

It was the spot where people gathered. Where we would play games all through the night till near dawn. It was the building that was passed around with members in Epic. It was pretty much an Epic building. – Joe Lee


And that’s just the background..


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