The Legend of 140E Part 2

To elaborate a lot, here’s some things that went down in 140E:

There were many gatherings there, most of the time just to play some board games.  They ranged from Settlers, Bang!, Phase 10, Rook and Monopoly Deal.  Though, according to Zhang, there was a season for everyone’s favorite game.  There were also super bowl parties, movie nights and even some birthday surprises.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake for Joe-Bro’s Birthday

Every now and then, on a whim, La would host a BBQ.  Of course, every time he did, it rained.

180652_1712935635024_133849_nI can’t stress enough how much of a headquarters 140E was.  For starters there were many occasions where a friend or a family member needed to sleepover.  At one point there were 8 people there; as in, each of the four roommates had a guest in their room.  Any unwanted things were always dumped or handed off to this apartment.  All the little things from people graduating or moving out certainly added up.  Board games, furniture, kitchenware, food… you name it.  One time, Eddie accumulated about 50 eggs as everyone else moved out of their apartments.  Since 140E was always controlled by one of us over the Summer, it would often serve as a storage for people not from around the area.  The storage closet once held 15 computer towers along with all the boxes and boxes of miscellaneous EPIC supplies.

Because of all the accumulation of goodies, 140E was always in a state of messy.  Cans/boxes of food everywhere just cause there wasn’t sufficient space in the pantry.  Dishes piled high in the sink because when you’re an apartment full of engineers, who has the time?  A closet filled with plastic bags from doing groceries.  Over one Summer, there was actually a fly problem that probably spawned from that mess.  Before I lived there, I took pity on the apartment one night.  Eddie was home alone and off to bed and there were TONS of dishes from EPIC banquet.  So I stayed late to do them all.  It was about two and a half drying racks worth of dishes.  There was a lot of clutter, to say the least.  It didn’t help that a lot of the furniture we had didn’t really work with the inconvenient spacing of the apartment.

140E’s tenants were often very busy people.  It was pretty common to come over and see one of them just sleeping at their desk or on the couch.  My favorite is when I came over to La sleeping at his desk.  But he was in such a position that it looked like he was still actively using his computer.


A lot of this changed when I moved in.  Maybe I actually have charisma, or maybe it was just the right timing, but I ran a tight ship.  As seen in previous posts, I liked to keep things clean(er) and more organized.  So the day we moved in, we rearranged a lot of the furniture and threw out a lot of stuff we didn’t need.  I gave the bathroom cabinets shelves because for some reason they were missing shelves.  More importantly, I tried to set the precedent that the dishes should be cleaned and the trash should be taken out when full in a timely fashion.  I even created a point system for some sort of motivation.  It worked for the most part.


Eddie and I cooked a lot when we lived together.  So much so that it attracted many guests and visitors.  Kind of how in cartoons, the smell would go out the window and become a hand that beckons those who smell it over.

562250_10152680774645788_276543099_n 488138_10152671994305788_1265843249_n 487665_10152555699850788_169559169_n 544681_10152762028655788_458573686_n

Because we cooked copious amounts of food, we always followed it up with tea time.

483430_10152748839140788_917462246_nBut sometimes tea time would happen on a lazy Sunday afternoon, whether it was hot or cold outside.  By my suggestion of course.


140E was also kind of a nerd’s paradise.  Travis even brought his gaming rig over a few times just to hang out with us and stuff.

968861_10152836755130788_31998574_n 581990_10152674015085788_1738752652_n

There was a pretty big screened TV.  It came in handy during the LCS Playoffs.


During my time there, the fellowship extended beyond EPIC.  I had my fellow church people that went to CPP  over every now and then.  Since it was more than just me that went to CPP now, it was only natural.  There was plenty of good times of fellowship, food and fun.

IMG_1134140E was a great place.  It was a place to cool off after an intense game at the basketball court.  It was a nice place to warm up after being pushed into the pool.  It’s been the stage to of many a broken heart.  It’s been the hub of cheesy romance and stories.  It’s hosted many a small group gathering.  Many prayers have been prayed there and many uplifting words have been spoken there.  It was there when we needed it.  It was there even if we didn’t need it.  A lot of fun.  A lot of memories.  A lot of nonsense.

Don’t believe anything I said?  Read this testimonial by Cecilia:

140E. Commonly known as the “EPIC hangout place”. Only with a few exceptions, this apartment was occupied by members of EPIC. For a long time. Not sure when it started, but I joined in on this group since Fall 2011. (With exception of last year) I had first known Dave, whom most may know me from. Dave was the one of the 3 people I only knew in So Cal when I came down here for school. I got introduced to Cheeseburger Eddie, (Kevin) La, (Joseph) Lee. School year was awesome for 2011-2012. Lots of Supernatural episodes & fun times. This was before Josh became part of the 140E-ers. 2012-2013 was when I met Josh. He had taken Dave’s room from the previous year. So naturally, he’d take the role of being my friend as well (Only kidding).  That year, La had left as well, so it was Eddie, Lee, Josh, and someone else that wasn’t part of EPIC. This was when I got to know Josh & Eddie on a closer level. Talking about Felicitys (see previous posts) and Seans(male version of Felicity) and what nots. Dishes were mostly not washed (of course not Eddie’s or Josh’s) Chipotle bag of napkins I always thought they ate. How one bathroom would always be cleaner than the other. AND they would feed me if I was hungry. yay! There were a lot of cute little things within 140E, and I truly miss them a lot. It’s not the same since Josh/Eddie/Lee graduated. (Aka, I haven’t been back). One of the first times I first met Josh, he was playing league of legends, I believe. He had just lost a game and was slightly sad. And I had asked if the reason why he didn’t win was if he didn’t build enough pylons. And he laughed the hardest I’ve ever seen him laugh at any of my corny jokes.

Though, as you may have noticed, I talk of 140E in the past tense.  Due to super seniors and seniors graduating all at once, there wasn’t really anyone to pass it down to.  The to-be sophomores wanted to live together but their low priority on the wait list put them elsewhere.  Prices went up, so some people needed to find other housing options.  And it didn’t help that it was under construction right after we left.

Still, 140E lives on in our hearts.  And there’s always the hope that this sort of legacy has already begun in a different apartment.


Comment below with your own memories/stories if I missed anything.


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