The Usual

Do you have a go-to order?  You know what I mean, when you go to a restaurant and you pretty much already know what you want, however complicated it is.  I’m directing this more-so towards fast food places and/or places that encourage customization.    For example, whenever Matt and Stu go to Souplantation, they’ll always have a bowl of the chicken noodle soup with equal parts soup and cheese.  Here are some of mine:

At Panda Express, I’ll almost always get half chow mien, half steamed veggies, orange chicken and tofu eggplant. and at the end I’ll ask for some sweet and sour sauce, cause I like the zing.

At In-N-Out, I like to order two hamburgers with grilled onions, chopped chilies, extra toasted bun, double tomatoes, and a mustard fried patty.

At McDonalds, I USED to get two McDoubles and a McChicken (and asked for Big Mac Sauce).  But I haven’t been there in a while.

At Chipotle, I get the Veggie Burrito.. with everything.

Subway is a little different.  But I always default on the jalapeno cheese bread and pepper jack for the cheese.  My Brother will always default to adding Pepperoni to his order (ex: Tunaroni).

At less traditional ramen shops, I’ll sometimes order a certain bowl but ask for tonkotsu broth with it instead.  I’m sure it defeats the purpose, but hey, I enjoy tonkotsu broth.  When Tamaya was still around, my sister would always order the Sato Special.

I have yet to have a go-to order for Blaze Pizza.

At any given taco truck, I’ll always look for Lengua and Cabeza meat..

Man Lauren’s go-to order at Alberto’s is a Carne Asada Burrito and Carne Asada Fries.


What about you?


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