Fun With Slow-Mo

A few months ago, Matt, Stu and I decided we wanted to learn how to do hand stands.  As we researched videos we came across correct forms as well as correct ways to fall.  Matt and Stu picked it up pretty fast.  We initially filmed some trial runs in slow-mo so that they could show me what I should be doing.  Take a gander (Watch in HD):

How not to fall…

A better way to fall…

And then we just proceeded to have fun with the slow-mo feature on my phone.  I had never been able to do a Chinese get up, so we filmed Matt to get a better understanding of the mechanics.

And then Stu revealed that he could do it with no hands!  And yes, the hair flip is necessary to the process.

Many of you know me for my ONE dance move, and that is the worm.  I just tried it one day cause I thought about how it would work in my head.  But I guess that isn’t the case for everyone, so we filmed this so I could show Matt and Stu.

Matt really wanted to learn because for some reason in his head, he can only do the reverse version.

Hope you enjoyed our nonsense!


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