Roommate Stories Part 1

The following is a compilation of (funny or not so funny) stories of the negative behavior and mannerisms of roommates.  These stories could be from my experience or from a friend’s experience.   This doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad people, they just had instances of poor habits while living with them. These stories could be from my experience or from a friend’s experience.  They could be from my days in college or a story passed on to me.  In order to keep things ambiguous and to discourage witch hunts, I’ll tell all the stories from the first person point of view and each bad roommate will be depicted as a guy.  In order to keep you guessing, this blog post will contain one lie.  Now let’s hear some stories:


  • I had a roommate who was a pretty clean person.  He set the bar pretty high in terms of apartment cleanliness.  As much as possible, he would push all the apartment mates to try to have an empty sink by the end of the day.  It was cool since we all cooperated.  He was good at gently reminding us if we had a dish or two left in the sink.  Although, there was one time and one time only where it was getting late and I decided to remind him to do his few dishes that he left in the sink (in the same way he would do for us).  He proceeded to get pretty mad at me and offended.  I never asked him about his unclean dishes again.
  • Winters were a little colder at night, meaning it could be a warm 76 during the day but a chilly 50 by nightfall.  The apartment I lived in kept the temperature pretty moderate, around 72-74 degrees; you could still walk around in shorts and a tee and not be cold.  So one night my roommate came back from his night classes all bundled up to brave the cold.  Since there’s a 20 degree swing between outside and inside he immediately complained about how hot it was inside.  Without taking off his jacket, he went to the thermostat to blast the A/C.  I might have understood if he didn’t leave the apartment right after doing that.
  • While living in the dorms I had a roommate that smelled pretty bad.  He had an irregular shower schedule and was a smoker as well.  To top it off he would regularly video chat with his friends on maximum volume.  Keep in mind, this was a dorm.
  • I shared a bathroom with a roommate who often forgot his towel when going to shower.  So he would use mine.  When confronted about it, he would deny it wholeheartedly.
  • One time, my roommate accidentally dropped a glass cup in the middle of the kitchen.  But instead of cleaning it up right away, he left the shards there because he deemed working on his essay more important.  Oh, we had guests over at the time too.
  • It was finals week and I had a 7 am final the next day.  Unfortunately, my roommate decided to have a bunch of friends over to talk loudly about things at 2am.  When confronted about it, they quieted down for a few minutes, but slowly got louder again.
  • While living in the dorms, my roommate asked us (me and another guy) if he could have his friends over and if they could sleep in our beds while we were gone for the weekend.  We both expressed that we weren’t comfortable with that.  When we got back, it wasn’t hard to tell that he had them over anyway.
  • My roommate was a little clueless sometimes when doing his homework, so he would ask for my help a lot.  It wasn’t like a question here and there, it was question after question after question.  It was a waste of time to turn back to my book because another question usually followed.  It was to the point where I pretty much did his homework for him.
  • One day, my roommate was running through a defrag process on his computer (which takes several hours).  He needed to check something on his external hard drive, so I let him use my laptop.  I thought it would be quick, so I stepped away from my project to let him do so.  He decided that that instance would be a good time to compress all of his music files into a zip folder.  Unable to work on my project now, we both sat there for the next two hours while his music compressed down..
  • One of my roommates was really excited about the grammy awards or music in general.  So much so that he gave me a recap of that year’s ceremony.  And by recap, I mean he pretty much just read me the list of the awards given off of Wikipedia.  And gave me commentary of each one.  While I was doing homework.  He even sang a couple the award winning songs and unfortunately, he is NOT a good singer.

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