Roommate Stories Part 3

To reiterate, the following is a compilation of (funny or not so funny) stories of the bad behavior and mannerisms of roommates. This doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad people, they just had instances of poor habits while living with them. These stories could be from my experience or from a friend’s experience. They could be from my days in college or a story passed on to me. In order to keep things ambiguous and to discourage witch hunts, I’ll tell all the stories from the first person point of view and each bad roommate will be depicted as a guy. In order to keep you guessing, this blog post will contain one lie. Now let’s hear some stories:

  • I had a roommate who would every now and then create these extravagant gourmet meals.  It was interesting, because he would do it like the chefs do on Food Network.  Every ingredient would be separated into a different dish, as if he had a camera to show each little ingredient he was throwing into a mix.  Which is cool, except he never cleaned up afterwards.  Maybe because they never showed the cleaning up part on those cooking shows..
  • There were some days where my roommate was either too lazy or didn’t have time to cook for himself.  So he would ask to eat some of whatever I made.  Which is fine, since I normally make extra.  But he would always proceed to complain about how bad he thought it tastes.
  • In the dorms, one of my roommates saved all his nail and toenail clippings in a jar on his desk.
  • One evening my roommate was really paranoid that he was getting sick, so he drank half a carton of the orange juice I bought for myself.  I don’t think he’s aware that a human body has a daily capacity for vitamins.  For the record, it didn’t help; he ended up being bedridden for a couple days.
  • While living in the dorms, one of my roommates locked himself out.  He ended up breaking into it because the rest of us were gone for the weekend.  Luckily we didn’t get written up for the broken window because we put a work order in.
  • I had a roommate who would spend long afternoons and staying up late watching movies.  This schedule would cause him to sleep in til 1pm on some days.  This was a small matter until we kept hearing him complain about how little time he had to work on things.
  • I once lived with a homosexual roommate.  Now, I’m not homophobic or intolerant, but I would notice him staring at me while I was doing my homework.  It was really creepy.  Sometimes, through the reflection of my computer screen, I could see him staring at me from his bed.  Needless to say, I transferred out of that dorm room as soon as I could.
  • I lived with a roommate who was never really around.  As far as I knew, he just slept here.  He was gone so much that we had to regularly clean the fridge of his rotting/molding food items that he either forgot about or neglected.
  • One of my roommates rage quit school and decided to take out his frustrations on our dorm room.  He ransacked all of our things and left a mess for the rest of us to deal with it.  He raided the mini-fridge and left food out.  It was over winter break, so ants had already made it their new home by the time we returned.
  • I once lived with a foreign exchange student from France.  Due to the language barrier, the only way we could communicate was typing something into Google Translate and having the other person read it.  I spent a lot of time not in my dorm because he kept wanting to “talk” to me.  Some is fine, but it was getting to the point where I couldn’t get any work done.

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