Roommate Stories Part 4

To reiterate, the following is a compilation of (funny or not so funny) stories of the bad behavior and mannerisms of roommates. This doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad people, they just had instances of poor habits while living with them. These stories could be from my experience or from a friend’s experience. They could be from my days in college or a story passed on to me. In order to keep things ambiguous and to discourage witch hunts, I’ll tell all the stories from the first person point of view and each bad roommate will be depicted as a guy. In order to keep you guessing, this blog post will contain one lie. Now let’s hear some stories:

  • I had a roommate that was convinced that no matter how late he came back home, I was still awake.  He would always proceed to try to talk to me as though I were.  Sometimes I was, and sometimes I was awoken by it.
  • We would take turns picking up food when we ordered take out.  One of my roommates would sometimes claim my food as theirs because he didn’t like what he ordered.  So I was left to eat the food he had already taken a bite out of.
  • One night, my roommate borrowed my phone to call his phone because he misplaced it in the apartment.  I was preoccupied, so I let him take it to hunt for his phone.  Moments later, I asked for it back, but it turns out that he misplaced my phone.  We couldn’t call it, because he misplaced his phone again.
  • My roommate asked me if I wanted some of the pizza he ordered.  I was kind of half paying attention since I was working on a project, so I agreed since I could use a snack.  He then asked if I could pick it up for him since he was busy.  Which I did.
  • I found out that my roommate broke one of my mugs and didn’t tell me.  Frankly, I wasn’t mad because it was a free mug anyway.  It was more so the concept.
  • Towards the end of the year, our fridge had accumulated a lot eggs.  These leftover eggs we gained were from an event and from some people moving out.  Our roommate felt that we had too many eggs, so he made dinner one night using a lot of eggs as the main ingredient.  A couple days later he complained that we had no eggs and asked who used them all.
  • I didn’t realize this at first.  My roommate would put his dirty clothes over my towel on my towel rack when he showered.  I guess because he didn’t have anywhere else to put it (sarcasm)?  I found out because there were a couple times he forgot to bring it out after he was done using the bathroom.
  • I have an electric guitar that I take a lot of pride and joy in.  My roommate wanted to try it out one night, except I didn’t know he just got back from the gym so he was all sweaty when he was playing it.  If you don’t know what that agony feels like, let someone use your phone while their fingers are covered in Cheeto dust.
  • I had a roommate that would leave piles of his clothes in the living room area.  He would leave it there for extended periods of time, and after a while, it was hard to tell if it was clean laundry or if it needed to be washed.  I spent many a night watching TV next to a pile of clothes.
  • My roommate would often borrow my things to use.  Since he would have less or no emotional attachment to it, it would usually be returned to me in a far worse condition.  These things varied between my laptop, cookware, phone charger and desk; among other things.

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