Generally speaking, I am not a picky eater.  Frankly, I’ll eat just about anything.  Although, it wasn’t always that way.  When I was much younger, there were a lot of things I avoided like the plague.

When it came to cheeseburgers and hotdogs, I would only use ketchup.  For whatever reason, I decided I didn’t like mustard, relish, or mayo.  As for other toppings, forget tomatoes, onions, lettuce  or pickles, I didn’t like those either.

Plain_Cheeseburger-300x220 hot_dog_with_ketchup_poshports


I used to be scared of eating sashimi.  The idea of eating something raw didn’t make sense to me.  I stuck to just California rolls and such for a time.  No need for wasabi or the ginger either.


The only dipping sauce I would enjoy with my McNuggets was sweet and sour sauce.  I didn’t even give hot mustard or bbq sauce a chance.


Certain combinations of Asian food made me not want to eat it; like peanuts in my Vietnamese dishes or pineapple fried rice.


I used to sit there and systematically pick out all the mushrooms on a pizza slice before I ate it.  Even if it looked like this:


I found it hard to deviate away from familiar dishes when it came to ordering at restaurants.  The All-American Spaghetti at Twohey’s, double cheeseburger at McDonalds.. I ate no other Chinese pastry other than the Char Siu Bao.  The things I ate at dim sum were severely limited to Har Gao, Siu Mai and Cheong Fun.

dim sum king har gow siu mai

But all that changed in 8th grade.  It was a field trip day and we were at Olvera Street…


A couple of my classmates and I just bought lunch and we sat around to eat it.  We all got some form of burrito, which came on a paper plate.  Aside from the actual burrito itself, there was a salad on it.  And when I say salad, I mean, it was literally a pile of sad looking shredded cabbage.  In fact, it was probably just there to make the plate look a little nicer.  As we were finishing up, I saw Brandon gobble down the “salad”.

704172_10151129555371010_753159020_o 4138767111_592c0ca334

The rest of us looked at each other and teased him a bit for eating the cabbage that tasted remotely like styrofoam.  To which he replied with, “at least it’s food”.  We all dismissed that, but I reflected on that statement later in the day.  It gave me new perspective on food.  As long as something is edible and/or safe to eat, why not just eat it (especially if I was still hungry)?

And so I began to try new things.  I left the pickles in my burger.  I ate the cilantro that garnishes many plates.  I powered through the mushrooms on my pizza slice.  I tried new condiments when ketchup wasn’t available for whatever reason.  And that snowballed to where I am now; eats almost anything.

Baku Baku no Mi 2
How picky were you as a child?


2 thoughts on “Picky

  1. On a scale from 1 to picky i was a super picky eater. Reading through this it was like…are you me?!??AM I YOU??!? with a few differencees…Plain Cheeseburger yes…hot dog with only ketchup yes…bbq sauce only….sushi same story…dim sum was pineapple buns, egg tarts and bbq pork puns (the trinity of chinese baked goods). Pizza pep and susage only same story on the systematic picking.


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