Last Stands

There’s a certain thrill about posting a last stand.  The concept of having insufficient defenses when your enemy storms your last bastion of safety.  The concept of holding out for as long as you can despite only delaying the inevitable.  This thrill extends to us-against-the-world and survival scenarios.

Is it just me?

Think of the battles at Helms Deep and Minas Tirith.  The final battles of movies such as The Last Samurai or 13 Assassins.

I think that’s why I enjoy zombie movies and games.  I enjoyed playing through the Left 4 Dead series and the conveniently named flash game, The Last Stand, to name a couple.  Before it was a movie, I read World War Z (and I don’t read often).


Let’s look at history.  The story of the Lost Battalion.  The Alamo.  All cool stuff (to me).

Perhaps there’s something cool but bittersweet about spending final moments with a fellow comrade that you fought beside.

Maybe it’s because you really only have one of two outcomes.  Survive and be an awesome hero of sorts or die guns blazing.  Not that I’ve been in any scenario similar to those mentioned, but I’m sure I would fare well.


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