Beginner’s Luck

I don’t normally gloat, brag or bad manner, but this will probably be the only instance where I experienced “beginner’s luck”.

I played Fantasy Football with a handful of my coworkers and it was my first time I ever played it; although to be fair, I’ve played many years of Fantasy Basketball.  The idea of moneyball is still there though.

Anyways, long story short, I didn’t really know what I was doing.  Went 11-2 in the regular season to be #1 seed in playoffs.  Went all the way to the finals and won it.  But let’s be honest, there was no skill involved.  Players get injured and have great/off nights.  All luck of the draw.  Gold star if you recognize where I got the team name from.

Capture Capture4



Yahoo Sports gives draft grades and predictions.  To which I was given a D on my draft report card and projected to go 5-8.  Not that that means anything; it’s a automated message generated based on projected stats of the players I picked.


I’m just so happy!



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