Euro Trip

Introducing a new series topic, Nostalgia Trip.  In a nutshell, it’s that feeling I get when I hear a song, smell a smell or taste something that suddenly causes me to flashback on a memory.  To kick it off, the other day I recalled these two songs:

They brought me back to that time I traveled through parts of Europe with my brother, my sister, my cousins, my aunt and my uncle back in 2003.  We visited various parts of Italy and scratched the surface of London.


During our stay there, every time we turned on the TV in our hotel room, there were two recurring commercials.  These were the days where one would text a code to a number in order to get a song as a ringtone.  And these songs were apparently super popular or something like that.  In any case, this was the era before YouTube.  So I physically wrote down the song titles on a piece of paper, to which I had to keep safe throughout the trip until we got home.  Upon returning, I proceeded to download said songs through LimeWire.

Even though Dine Eine is a German song, we got many laughs trying to guess what we thought the song was about based on the hand motions of the lead rapper (singer?).  And well, the Axel Foley theme is quite catchy.


Italy was pretty cool.  I was at least able to comprehend that much with my ungrateful middle school mind.  I’m sure I would appreciate the trip so much more if I went now.  As you could imagine, I spent my days playing a little too much Gameboy and not paying attention during the tours.  And above all else, not enjoying the food or scenery that was in front of me.


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