Car Trips

To me, Switchfoot is my favorite band of all time.  Since I heard some of their songs for the first time in middle school, I was immediately hooked.  If you asked me to compile a Best of Switchfoot playlist, it would be too hard, because I would pick like 70% of their songs easily.  From the catchy ones like “Gone” to the ones you could rock out to like “Meant to Live” and “You Already Take Me There”, I like them all.


Their music is kind of my go-to; whether I’m exercising or simply cleaning up my room.  Unfortunately, for the moment my mind is associating any sort of Switchfoot song to the car rides back to Pomona.  For the weekends I came home, it would be pretty systematic.  After dinner, I would pack up my things and start heading back to school around 8 or 9.  I would play Switchfoot on shuffle as I drove.  The drive was about 40 minutes, so that gave time for at least 10 songs to play through.

It’s a weird mix of nostalgia, somber moods, and tranquility whenever I listen to them now.  Especially when one of their more solemn sounding songs come on:

Sometimes those car rides were the only peace and calm I would have all week.  Other times, it would be a dreadful commute, not wanting to face the tests and projects before me.  And sometimes it was a chance to clear my mind and sort my thoughts out.  Either way, school was school, unless it was the first week it was always tough.

I’ll always like Switchfoot, but at least for right now, I’m not sure how I feel when I listen to them.  On a lighter note, they were the highest bacon number I could find on my own.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Google search “Tim Foreman Bacon Number”.


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