Summer Fun

I’d like to say that some of my most fun Summers occurred when I was a just a wee lad in elementary school and the early parts of middle school.  It was a time before technology was so easily accessible and running around outside was the norm.  It was a time when Summer school wasn’t exactly meant for learning academia.  It was a time when my siblings, all the other cousins and I were young and carefree.



This nostalgia trip begins with my uncle’s old maroon SUV


A portion of our collective childhoods were spent being picked up from school, tutor or music lessons by this car.  It seated a number greater than 5, so it was only logical.  For the most part, going from point A to point B wasn’t all that far, so we often weren’t in the car for very long.  During these short rides, we listened to the same songs off our uncle’s CD collection over and over again.  In particular, this song; we found it to be comical and catchy:

And then Lilo & Stitch came out, so these were our go-to songs:

You’d think we’d be sick of it, but frankly, this is all we cared to listen to.

But Summer wasn’t Summer unless it involved spending long afternoons at my Grandma’s house.  Coming back from school, we would always be welcomed into a house smelling of fried oil (I mean that in a good way).  My grandma was in her cooking prime and she not only cooked super tasty food, but also gigantic portions.  Some of her signature dishes included but not limited to:

Lap Cheong Fried Rice


Beef Chow Fun


Tons of Dumplings


It makes me sad that she doesn’t really cook anymore.  I hate myself for being so picky back then too.

Since the house was devoid of technology save for a TV, imagination was our key to fun.  Blanket forts, tag in the backyard, and hide and seek inside among other things..  Good times.


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