The Lone Warrior

I’m a pretty independent person.  And as the title suggests, I don’t mind tackling problems or issues on my own.  I’m not super antisocial, and I’m not afraid to be home alone either.  I guess my threshold for being alone is higher than the average person.  I’m the type of guy that would rather do a project by himself rather than with a group.

It’s because of this that I’m quite thankful for my fellow peers within EPIC while I was still in school.  Here are a couple standout instances that occurred during my college career:

It was the weekend after finals week of my 4th year.  It was Spring, which meant everyone was in the process of moving out or going home.  For my apartment, everyone was gone by early Friday.  So, I was left alone to myself in an apartment meant for four.  After a long day of graduations, goodbyes and helping others move out, I didn’t come back till about 2 am the night before I was to move out myself.  Earlier, I had been tasked with helping a friend pick up their bike.  The catch was that the bike was on the far outskirts of campus, at the architecture building.  The only logical thing to do was to walk the mile and some change to the building and ride the bike back to my place for safe keeping.  Again, it was 2am and there was that eerie feeling of “everyone is gone…”  As I slowly amped myself up to tackle this alone, I was offered help from my buddy Matt.


He had his bike, so he wanted to walk with me and bike back with me.  I tried to turn him down for I knew he treasured his sleep and rest.  He insisted.  And so we walked the lonely road together.  It would have been a slow bike ride too; the tires were so flat.  He even slept over that night, so the apartment wasn’t so empty.

Another instance was during a Saturday evening of my 5th year.  My roommates were out for the weekend for a retreat, and again I found myself alone in the apartment.  It was still early in the quarter, so there wasn’t that much work to do yet.  So, in order to keep myself busy I went out to do some groceries.  While at Fresh-n-Easy, I ran into Lauren,




and Janice.




They inquired of my solo act, since I normally do groceries with Cheeseburger Eddie.  As I explained, they decided to hang out with me for the rest of the evening without any hesitation.  And so, they brought their goodies over and cooked their dinner at my place.  Afterwards we relaxed over a pot of tea (of course) and talked about random stuff.  All I remember from the conversations that night was that I was on Rachel’s top 5 list of people she looks up to.  As the evening concluded and we parted ways, I learned that because of EPIC, I didn’t have to do things alone anymore.. even if I wanted to.




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