Behind the Music: The Jessica(ists) ft. Marty (in spirit)

The first of our few recorded songs, this song was written as a gift to a friend who was moving up north.  It wasn’t a super big deal since she would still be attending school at UCLA.  As a grade, we had planned a ‘last hangout’ of sorts at a bowling alley.  Instead of showing up on time, we decided to record a song really fast.  And I do mean fast.  We only had two or three takes before we deemed this project good enough to burn onto a CD.

As you can tell, we were still inspired by Coldplay; this time, by their song The Scientist.  Matt scribbled some lyrics together and we were good to record, with each recording containing more and more cowbell.  Since we’re all Trojan fans, we couldn’t help but put a little spin on things during the bridge.


In case you were curious, here was the line-up:

Matt – Lead Vocal, Piano (Second Half)
Caleb – Piano (First Half)
Josh – Bass, Backup Vocal
Stu – Drums, Cowbell
Marty – Spirit

Marty wasn’t with us because he had to do dinner with his parents or something like that and was going to meet up with us at the bowling alley.  Thus, he was featured in spirit.

Anyways, check it out!:



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