Behind the Music: Vanilla Clockists

Not too long after creating The Jessica(ists), we looked to be more innovative in our next jam session at Stu’s house.  For this song we remixed Coldplay’s Clocks and The Scientist together to form our melody, we had a drum beat inspired from Rihanna’s Umbrella and lastly we borrowed the lyrics to Vanilla Ice’s Ninja Rap.

This song was really fun to make because it legitimately started as a jam session.  That is, we were just messing around until we decided to make something of it.  If I recall correctly, we were playing around with the song Clocks until Matt felt inspired, and some magic occurred from there.  In case you were wondering, here was the line up:

Caleb – Rapper
Matt – Piano
Josh – Keyboard
Stu – Drums


Reminds me of that time we dressed up as the ninja turtles for senior honor night…

This song was pretty hard to record since we kept messing up.  We weren’t using garage band yet, so one misstep and we had to redo the whole recording.  This was when Stu coined the phrase, “oh you know what they say, 17 is the new 3”.  He said as he referred to our 17th and final take.  In early revisions, we sometimes ruined the whole recording because we started laughing part way through.  We laughed because Caleb would sometimes mess up or say “go ninja go” in a funny manner.

Check out our final product:

Yup, that’s Caleb and Matt yelling Japanese related things at the end.  I think it kind of helps tie the whole song together.  I was so happy with our creation, that I showed it to some of my friends at school and they loved it, despite it being so derelict and sewn together.  This is a song I would like to re-record so that the sound quality is better, but we never got around to it, so it’s okay I guess.



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