Behind the Music: La Parabole du Ballon Perdu ft. Spencer

That’s “The Parable of the Green Balloon” in French.

Our jam sessions usually began with checking the music section of YouTube, for there it showed us which songs were buzzing or popular.  For this session, Matt and Caleb were playing around Timbaland’s Apologize and Beyonce’s Halo on the piano.  Caleb wanted me to rap this time, but we weren’t getting a good feel for the music and they weren’t feeling the weird saxophone freestyle I was playing on the keyboard.  We began toying around with idea of using lyrics from one of Britney Spear’s songs, in particular, Womanizer or Circus.  We also wanted to incorporate Ozone’s Numa Numa somehow, for T.I.’s Live Your Life came out around that time.

But when Matt heard the word ‘circus’, a light bulb went off in his head.  He wanted our song to have an old timey traveling circus feel to it.  And that’s when Stu had a vision of a little girl losing her single green balloon at the circus.  We all hopped on board because it sounded cool, and really, it gave Stu an excuse to break out the accordion.  Stu’s little vision was all we gave as a premise to Marty, our master lyricist.  In a matter of minutes he had written song with a back story and we had some sort of melody down.  To keep the old school feel, we decided we wanted a slow fade in and an eventual fade out, one by one.

But we had a problem.  We only had so many hands and with Stu on the accordion, we were missing the element of percussion.  That’s when we called on the help of Spencer.


Rhythm runs in his blood, he just hadn’t unlocked it yet.  We wanted him to play the snare drum, and even though he was only 9 at the time, he was pretty good.  I think this was his first real exposure to drums.  Marty helped keep him on beat with the tambourine.  So, we had our line up:

Marty – Lead Vocal, Tambourine
Stu – Accordion, Narrator
Matt – Piano (Lower Register)
Caleb – Piano (Upper Register)
Spencer – Snare Drum
Josh – Keyboard (Set to Strings)

Check it out:



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