Behind the Music: Glove and Gain

For this jam session, we were inspired by Nappy Roots’ Good Day; more specifically the piano portion.  It didn’t take long before Matt had figured out and mastered the tune either.  But we needed lyrics, and that’s where we were kind of stuck.  Desperate, we turned to the stack of old lyrics Marty left at Stu’s house.  He figured we’d be there a lot anyway, so he left his folder there.  It was a compilation of both unfinished and complete lyrics he had written throughout parts of middle school and high school.  After sifting through it a bit, we stumbled upon his song titled “Love and Pain”.  We thought it was a good fit and so we gave it a whirl.

The fun thing about this song was that a lot things were kind of improvised, rather than by design.  As we practiced and recorded, we found that we liked it, so we kept doing it.  Here was our line up:

Matt – Piano, Backup Vocal
Stu – Drums, Backup Vocal
Josh – Bass, Backup Vocal
Caleb – Rapper

When it came to naming the song, we didn’t want to stick with “Love and Pain”, because we weren’t trying to make a serious song.  I kind of just chose a letter and suggested it, and the rest of them liked it.  So, that’s why it’s called “Glove and Gain”.  This would be the last song we wrote as Freshmen in college.  Check it out:

“Love isn’t easy that’s a lesson you should learn, you don’t know what love is until you feel it burn”.  Deep.  We’ll leave you to guess who CC and JT are.

We eventually showed this song to Marty live.  He liked it up until the end.



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