Behind the Music: Africa

We stood in a semicircle behind Matt as he went through the instrument options of the keyboard.  One by one, he went through each sound and played a little something to test it out.  For the sounds he like, he would write down the number, so that we could always go back to it.  Suddenly, he found an instrument that he liked, the wooden chimes.

Earlier in the day, Stu had been marveling at some indie music videos.  The common theme between them all were that they started with a single instrument or tune, and the camera would slowly pan out, revealing more of the band until everything came together.  We decided that we wanted to build out a song in that fashion.  Again, we suffered from only-have-two-hands syndrome, but we made do somehow.  Here’s the lineup:

Matt – Keyboard (Set to Wooden Chimes)
Marty – Electric Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine
Josh – Violin, Cajon
Stu – Drum, Shaker, Cowbell

On top of Stu multitasking the percussion, I actually played the cajon with my foot, and Marty did the same with the tambourine.  After we had set ourselves up and huddled around the mic, we were good to go.  The idea was simple, I would cue us in one at a time and after the song built up, I would cue them out.  I was tasked with this because I guess it was most practical to point at people with the scroll of my violin.  Check it out:

We named it “Africa” because no one had a better idea.  Stu kind of just picked it because he felt reminded of Africa.  This song was recorded the Spring after we made “Sometimes”, and it would be the last song we recorded together in our college years.



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