That China Trip

The bitter cold aside, I thoroughly enjoyed that trip I took to China in 2012.  It was a nice 2 week span where I got to hang out with cousins, see interesting things, eat like kings and sleep all day.  There are a handful of funny instances and stories from that trip that we still reference today.  Like, staying in hotel rooms that were probably meant for married people.  I mean that in the sense that there were see-through bathroom windows.  There was usually a curtain that was controlled by a switch.. outside the bathroom.

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This nostalgia trip is brought to you by Toca Band, Beat Wave and the Super Hot Fire rap battles.

The first two mentioned things were simple music time waster apps that you can download on your phone.  Pulling up the apps and making a “song” often brings me back to those days.

Not too long after my cousins and I got reacquainted, we had a brief conversation about Super Hot Fire.  And that was where the brunt of our jokes and fun were derived from for the rest of the trip.  The video that stuck out the most was the one featuring Tremendous Repeat.

We kept wanting to watching these videos as soon as we had WiFi, but we kept forgetting that YouTube is blocked in China.

We threw the term “tremendous repeat” around a lot during meal times.  Since the majority of our meals were banquet style, we had to make some sort of system before we ate ourselves to gluttony.  It was pretty bad, there was one day where we woke up, had breakfast, and then traveled two hours, only to have lunch as soon as we arrived.  So we agreed that we would only have one serving of a dish, with the exception of vegetables.  You could always grab more vegetables.  In the event that you wanted more of something, you had to declare a “tremendous repeat”, that is, you could have seconds (and even thirds) of that dish, but you could only declare it once per meal.  So we had to choose wisely.

Our secret pact handshake..

As I gear up to head to Thailand soon, I hope to create more memories like these..


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