Day 4: Best Food Ever

2/18/15, Wednesday

We woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready and have breakfast by 6 am.  Luckily, the breakfast buffet was quite good.  Frankly, it was probably the best breakfast we’ve had so far.  It featured a nice little array of American, Indian and Asian foods; all with an egg station, fruit and salad bar.

IMG_2790 IMG_2791 IMG_2792

We were up so early so that we could go to the floating market before it got too crowded and before it got too hot.  When we got there, I was a little disappointed with my floating market experience.  I had seen a couple pictures before and I guess my expectations were really high.

I think we got there a little too early, since there weren’t too many vendors.  And for the vendors that were open, it seemed as if it was the same 4-5 types of goods that they sold.  A vendor for hats, one for clothes, one for generic souvenirs and trinkets, and so forth.  Granted, we probably didn’t get the full experience since we didn’t eat any of the food there.  Frankly, you had to be a little brave; they do their dishes in that murky water any way.

It was a little hard to capture the moments via pictures since our boat had a roof and since we were moving around so much.  The floating market was definitely more derelict than I had imagined.

IMG_2796 IMG_2803IMG_2797 IMG_2799 IMG_2800 IMG_2802

There was a big wood carvings shop that we had to get off the boat to see things.  As cool as it was though, nothing stuck out.  They had everything but the wooden mole I was looking for for my friends back home.


Something like this..

My sister began to crave mangosteen, because we saw a vendor selling them while we were heading back to land.  She should have pulled the trigger and pointed at it.  We tried to find some at supermarkets along the way to lunch.  We found none, but bought some Thai snacks instead.

Lunch was to be had at a villa.  That’s literally the only description my uncle gave us.  It’s hard to blame him, this hidden gem was so hard to find that our driver got lost a couple times.  And everything there is in Thai, certainly not a place for ordinary tourists.

IMG_2806 IMG_2814

When we got there, we learned that the chef of this place used to be the chef of the king, so the food MUST be good.  And it certainly was!

IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813

All the ingredients were fresh and all the flavors were handcrafted.  As in, no artificial flavors or MSG.  Easily the most expensive and best meal we had during our stay in Thailand.  It was ridiculously good and those prawns were bigger than some small lobsters.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest off our food coma.  Then, it we walked to the Siam Paragon, a shopping center bigger than the neighboring Central World.  My sister always wanted to do an “exhaustive search” (a term that I taught her) of the malls.  We never finished looking at all the shops, since she seemed to stop at every other one.  Not that it mattered too much to me, I’m not one to shop.

We had dinner there, and once more we aimed to take a break from Thai food as we surveyed the food court.  After all, what Thai food would be any good compared to that lunch we just had?  We settled for a Katsu Curry shop called Curry House Coco Ichibanya.


When we returned I decided to give my legs a rest again, we walked a lot today and we were set to do a lot of walking tomorrow.  No running for me.

By the end of the day, the Thai dating service number increased to 30.


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