Day 7: Sawasdee-Bye Thailand

2/21/15, Saturday

It was our last day in Thailand, so we enjoyed the breakfast buffet one last time.

IMG_2942 IMG_2943 IMG_2945

The day was ours and we could go about it at our own leisure.  My uncle’s flight was in the morning so he left us shortly after breakfast.  Without our tour guide, there was no real agenda.  So we went back to the Platinum Fashion Mall.  I actually picked up more shirts from that same place and got some ties to compliment my assortment.

I did a lot of sitting today; my feet felt so sour for some reason.  It made me realize that I’m used to sitting at least 9 hours a day normally.  After we were done with Platinum, we walked back towards Central World for lunch.  We saw that there was a Saboten, a katsu place highly regarded by my cousin.  He goes there every time he is in the Hong Kong airport.  The food was really good, it reminded me of my trip to Japan so many years ago.  They gave you everything too; the cabbage salad, the mortar and pestle to grind your sesame seeds, and even green tea ice cream to top off your meal.

IMG_2946 IMG_2948 IMG_2949

Of course, leave it to my dad to order fish and chips..


We walked around Central World one last time before we decided on a place for dinner.  We decided we wanted something easy on our stomachs, since we would be flying tonight.  We settled on a ramen shop named Chabuton, it won some TV award.


This means that every non-Thai meal we had was Japanese.  Funny.

We had a red-eye flight, so we went back to the hotel to pack up and shower before we left for the airport.  Personally, I’m not a fan of these late night flights, although I can understand the logic.  I would prefer to wake up and leave rather than spend another day first.  I mean, we ended up paying for another night of the hotel room just so we had a place to regroup and relax at.  Alas, what’s done is done.

So, we gathered our things and said farewell to Thailand, where our Thai dating service number would stop increasing at 40.  We flew into Hong Kong where we had a 5 hour layover.  We had some breakfast foods before leaving there.

IMG_2953 IMG_2952

I wasn’t feeling too great, and I’m still not sure why.  I was queasy but not food poisoned.  I was not sick or feverish either.  Maybe I just dislike traveling that much.  I will say I did a pretty good job of sleeping during the flight back to Los Angeles.  I only watched two movies, Fury and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  Both were entertaining.

We arrived at around 6am on Sunday.  As soon as we got back home, I immediately unpacked and put on my running shoes.  I ran 4.5 miles.  I wanted to earn my shower after the flight.  Wanting to refrain from Asian foods, I went to In-N-Out as soon as it opened (10:30am).


God bless America!

Fun trip overall.  Could see myself going again.  Back to reality now.


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