That Time I Had Lunch With Everybody

Spring 2013

I’m good at being a student.  Which doesn’t quite equate to being a good student.  What do I mean by that?  I’m really good at putting the time, effort and energy to study and learn, but I must be a poor test taker or crumble under pressure easily or something cause my grades never reflected that.  As many of you know already, I invested a large portion of my energy in my academics.  My family and peers would always wonder why I needed so much time or why school was so hard.  They would mock me for being in a Cal State school system, saying it should be easier than a private university or UC.  Friends would compare their non-STEMS 20 units to my 16 units worth of classes, claiming that my workload was nothing.  Engineers would look down on my supposedly hard work load, because Computer Science resided in the Science department (when really, I don’t think it should).  But any way, my point is I worked a lot.  Which means I didn’t really hang out with friends or people all that much.  That is, not until my very last quarter of school.  I was set to only take 12 units (3 classes); one was a easy statistics class I saved for the end, and another was Mandarin (which I was taking for fun, since I already met my language requirement), and my last CS class.  So I finally had TONS of time to myself.

I felt I should do a little more than just picking up a new TV show to follow or grinding my way to diamond league.  And that’s when I remembered KZ’s (Kevin Zhang) last quarter in school.  Similarly, he had it tough in school studying Civil Engineering, but he made the most of his last easy quarter.  He went about having lunch with people, since he was a busy beaver throughout previous years.


I remember that lunch I had with him.  I didn’t really know him up to that point, nor have I really had a conversation greater than 2 minutes with him.  Though it was only one meal, it meant a lot to me and I felt I really got to know him better.  We actually keep in touch to this day.

So, inspired, I sought out to do the same.  I set up a Facebook event announcing that I would have lunch with everyone to make up for lost time.


Ring any bells..?

To incentivize it, I offered to pay for everyone’s meal (since I’m not one to shop, I had the money to spare, so to speak).  Also, they would be included in my 2013 New Year’s resolution to take a picture everyday.  It was a lot of fun.

Week 1:

1337 Lunch at Denny’s with Travis



I definitely thought it was nice to have lunch with you and get to know you better during that time. It was basically like catching up and seeing what your next steps were going to be in life. I also really appreciated the time that we got to spend together outside of that lunch because I really felt like I got to know you better as a person and a friend that quarter. [:

– Travis

[Not Pictured: Lunch at Qdoba with Man Lauren]

Man Lauren pulled a fast one on me and payed..

Week 2:

Lunch at Chick fil A with Priscilla and Leah


[Not Pictured: Lunch at Subway with Grant]

I think it was nice how you wanted to spend time with everyone, whether you knew them very well, or barely at all. I found that really awesome, especially as I didn’t hang out with too many Epic people at the time. Also I thought it was great how you really wanted to learn more about my life and how I was doing. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a memory that stuck out from the time, but I just remember getting Subway and sitting at the table in front of the Qdoba place.


I remember asking Grant about his favorite color (clear)..

Week 3:

[Not Pictured: Lunch at Kikka with Eric]

[Not Pictured: Lunch at Panda Express with Garrett]

I remember Eric offering to pray for me after lunch was over.  I remember telling Garrett to eat his vegetables, cause he kept picking at them.

Week 4:

Lunch at Aloha Island BBQ with Brandon and Janice



Lunch at Coffee Break with Nathan


Tea Time with Cheryne and Elyse


Our first tea time..

Week 5:

Lunch at Krazy Noodle with Eddie and Cecilia



If you don’t know Josh by now, he’s the type of person who is always coming up with almost random things to do. From playing life on hard mode to taking a picture everyday, it seems like life can get boring for him sometimes. And thus spawns these random things he does. The last year of college I was privileged to be his roommate and share life together. We did many things and got to learn how each other ticked. Though I don’t remember the specific instance,it probably went something like this:

One of us cooked dinner, and we’re sitting on the couches channel surfing between Spongebob, storage wars or pawn stars. As time passed and our food bowls became increasingly lighter, the discussion of the end times came up. We knew our time in college was coming to an end and Josh being Josh decided to leave his final memories of a college student to the hands of the friends he had made throughout his years at CPP. Inspired by Kevin Zhang, Josh set out to have a meal with whoever wanted to eat with him. (He of course paid because he’s a gentlemen like that)

At first I thought of it as a whatever kinda thing. A thing that Josh always does cause he’s a do’er of the random things. We kept our schedules post on our doors and at times I would wonder where he was at (not that I missed him or worried about him or anything….). He would come back and when asked where he was, he would respond with “I was getting lunch with * insert person(s) here * “. Over time though, I got the chance to be able to join him on his lunch adventures with others. I was able to witness Cecilia pay for the meal, eat Alberto’s with Nate and Jazmin, brewing tea with Elyse and Cheryne and eating pizza with (other) Josh and man Lauren.

I’ll be honest, without the pictures that Josh took, without him reminding me that these times existed I would have simply forgotten them. Life for me has been nothing short of crazy as I figure out what I’m doing. Looking through the pictures and thinking about these times left me with a lot of thoughts and feelings that I’m not quite sure how express, but I’ll try my best.

With many of the people in my life there is an emotion that is connected with them, and when I think of that person that emotion is felt. I contribute some of those feelings with the times that Josh invited me out to have a meal with whoever. When I thought of those that I had lunch in my time of reflection, I was left with warm fuzzy feelings (as if a pack of corgis and pandas were snuggling with me) and the sweet pain of nostalgia (as if one of those corgis bit my hand cause I was holding beef jerky and he really wanted it). The power of sharing a meal with someone is powerful. Kevin Zhang truly believed that (I remember when doing solarium he picked a card that was related to it), and it wasn’t until now that I see how much of an impact it’s had on me.

Even if I never revisit these memories again, even if I never look at these pictures ever again and if for some reason even if I never see some of these people ever again, I’m always left with the positive impact they had on me and the feelings that echo in my heart. Thanks again Josh for letting me share life with you.



For some reason I remember quite a bit regarding this luncheon with Josh and Eddie. First things first, Josh (with his inner OCD) had created a schedule regarding who he was having lunch with and what spots are still open. He also had a “no 1 on 1 hang-out with girls” rule that applies to anyone he isn’t courting (which I find admirable). Thus, I had asked Eddie if he wanted to join our lunch date. The general rules apply that since he’s asking for the company of *insert friend here*, so he will be paying. Josh, Eddie and I went to this place called Krazy Noodle. (Side note: I massively miss this place. Now it is called Baby Elephant Thai, and under different management.) Anyhoo, we probably ordered a Pad Thai and Pad See Ew and perhaps shared it. So around the end of the meal, Josh had a phone call he needed to take and stepped outside. The bill came and I immediately grabbed it and put my card on it so that Eddie couldn’t. When Josh came back, Eddie tattle-tailed on me (half kidding), and Josh had the “What the… how did this happen? Cecilia!” So yes, Asian me paid for the meal. But but but he was leaving! I was going to miss him! I must pay for his meal!  And for the record, I do miss our hangouts.


Lunch at Bruxie with Rachel and Lauren


Lunch at Krazy Noodle with Tim


This was not a candid photo, he posed like that

Week 6:

Lunch at Denny’s with Elaine and Lauren


Drinks at Starbucks with Patty and Amanda


KBBQ Lunch with Joe


We were supposed to go to a seafood place similar to Boiling Crab, but they were closed..

Week 7:

Lunch at Saigon Noodle with Danville


Lunch at The Hub with Jared


[Not Pictured: Lunch at Saigon Noodle with Daniel Roseguo]

I went to Saigon Noodle 3 times this week..

Week 8:

Lunch at Subway with Daniel Sasaki


Midday Snack at Nature’s Juice with Brianna and Winnie


How do you pronounce Açaí again..?

Week 9:

[Not Pictured: Drinks at The Hub with J Tam and Thomas]

Lunch at In-N-Out with Kalvin


Almost forgot to take a picture here… almost.  Remembered as we walked around PetSmart

Week 10:

RKR Buffet Lunch with Lauren, Rachel and Joe



Finals Weeks:

Lunch at Bruxie with Ann and Jazmin


It’s a Grind Coffee House with Man Lauren, Eddie, Elyse and Cheryne


The very very last..



Regarding the pictureless, I would have a memory lapse and I would forget to take a picture with them.  Some friends wanted to be in my album so bad, they made sure I didn’t forget to take a photo.  It should be noted that Man Lauren refused my picture.  Regarding the pictures I did take, I had this idea that I wasn’t very photogenic, which explains the thumbs up.  In hindsight, it was silly of me.  Then again, it inspired some people..



I hope they found it as enjoyable as I did.



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