Joshiba’s Game

College, 2011 – 2012

During my fourth year of college, I lived in an apartment with Man Lauren.  Though they were rare, there were a few nights where we had nothing to do but let the creative juices flow.  It wasn’t long until we decided that we wanted to invent some sort of game together.  We wanted it to be simple.  We didn’t want to deal with creating a board or cards, despite my initial thoughts.


Lauren said he wanted it to be able to be played any time; similar to the concept of rock-paper-scissors, chopsticks or hot hands.  Something to be played while waiting for something.  We agreed that we wanted it to be played on a table, as waiting for your food to come after ordering is something people often do.  We mixed concepts of Chess, Checkers, Dungeon Dice Monsters and Warhammer before we came up with our concept.

The goal of our unnamed game was simple: Touch the opponent’s side of the table with one of your objects first.  A game is declared when the two people sitting across from each other make eye contact and place their first ‘piece’ onto the table (usually their phone or wallet).  From there, an imaginary line of scrimmage splits the table in half.  Everything on your respective side of the table is a piece for you to use and move.

A piece may only move the length or width of itself at a time.  In addition, you could always spend a turn rotating one of your piece for better positioning or movement.  Objects may block other objects by simply being in their way (you couldn’t go through things).  To add a fun aspect of the game, we agreed that any movement made to objects from outsiders (whether they were aware of this game or not) would be deemed fair game.  If a friend moved your phone or a waitress cleared your fork, it counted.


Though we spent the time to create it, we only ever played it twice.  We got some good laughs out of it since no one knew what we were doing.  I won both times just because friends decided to pick up and look at Lauren’s phone, which opened up a clear path for me to score the win!


Try it out yourself!



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