Beer Money

It’s not what you think.  Beer money is extra cash made on the side for your miscellaneous needs.

I was introduced to this concept while I still lived with Cheeseburger Eddie.  An avid Redditor, he studied this concept in the subreddit of the same name.  Since we were poor college students, we hopped on board, hoping to make some money though passive income and taking surveys.

We scoured the subreddit finding what worked best and eventually we found a system for ourselves to follow.  We tried a myriad of things.  At first, I took the passive approach.  I would do things like run ads on my computer, recieve text spam (forwarded to a Google voice account), and run a program that watches YouTube videos for points.  I had an old computer dedicated to running these things 24/7.  Normally, the money made (which was basically pennies) wouldn’t even cover the electricity costs of running it.  But we lived in an apartment that didn’t have an electric bill, so I thought I’d abuse it.

I took the time to run the numbers and found that I would, at most, be making $10 dollars a month; which was pitiful.  I decided to take a more active approach from there.  This was the routine Eddie and I went through:

Bing – use their search engine and you get points which you can redeem for gift cards.  In our case, we would always cash out the $5 Amazon gift card.

JingIt – watch ads for money.  Money could be cashed out either by a Debit card they send you or you could buy music with it.

Quirky – Vote on inventions.  If the inventions pass, you gain a very small percentage of the overall revenue.  If you actually contributed to the invention, that percentage increases.  It might seem pointless, but 0.05% of a million dollar idea is still $500.  And it was totally passive too.  I never voted on an invention that hit it big though.  I’ve only made $9 off this website.

Mturk – Amazon’s service where you simply take surveys for money.  The efficient surveys would come out to be $0.10 / minutes; which translates to $6 / hour.  You can’t making a living off of it, but it was certainly substantial.    You couldn’t really do this for hours on end though, there were only so many cost-efficient surveys in a given day.  Sometimes you would get lucky and find a 2 questions multiple choice survey that rewarded you $0.75.

Mturk would be the brunt of our ‘income’ allowing us to rake in about $250 in just one academic quarter.  You would think, “Why would I waste all this time making pocket change when I could be studying and stuff?”.  But really, it was like 30 minutes a day of “work”.  I would spend most of it on Christmas presents for friends and family though.  Though not much time passed since we first started this, payout rates would decrease significantly and websites got smart, blocking bots from doing the work for us.  Still, it was a fun time for us.  We would get back from class and hop on our laptops to go through the routine.  I would do this thing where I yelled “beer money!” at my desk and wait for Eddie to respond with same phrase.

I stopped doing this after I graduated college and got a real job.  I just can’t seem to justify sitting at a computer essentially “working” another hour for just $6.  In theory, I could do it while I work, but that doesn’t sound too cool.  If you’re looking for some extra spending money, feel free to ask me or hit up the Beer Money subreddit.


Beer Money!


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