A Coin Flip

From as early as elementary school, I’ve been deciding things based on the flip of a coin.  Of course, I was deciding who would go first in a match of Pokemon cards or if my Lickitung paralyzed my opponent’s Pokemon.


Fun fact, I once flipped a jar full of coins to decide whether or not I should go to the Wonder Valley trip in middle school.  It was majority heads, so I ended up going.

In the Dark Knight, Two-Face makes a strong argument about coin flips.


That they’re “Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Fair.”  So, there was a small period where I would make decisions based on a coin flip.  They would range from simple things like “do I want to sleepover at my friend’s place?” to “should I take this class during this quarter?”.  For the most part, it remedied my indecisiveness.

But as I grew up, I learned something interesting…


And that vastly changed my perspective.  No longer did I blindly flip a coin to make a decision.  Since I know this fact now, some of the magic is lost.  Similar to knowing the plot twist to a book, movie or game before you started it.  The cool thing is if you truly do not care about the outcome, you can just let the coin fall to the ground and go with it.

Perhaps the most suspenseful coin flip I experienced with this knowledge happened while I was in college.  It was whether or not I should ask out a girl I was interested in.  Though I wasn’t as smooth as I thought I would be, I have no regrets to dwell on.

In my head I’ve composed a movie based around this idea of a coin flip.  Although, the more I develop it, the more it just ends up being a spin-off plot of Along Came Polly.  It would be a romantic comedy focused on a character who, since he could remember, made all his decisions with a flip of a coin.  The movie would have several instances or flashbacks where he makes decisions, some obviously bad and some coincidentally good.  Maybe it’ll include funny scenes like, deciding not to kiss his first middle school girlfriend, or sneaking in coin flips during a true-false quiz.  It’ll also include scenes where he wants to decide on something but can’t, because he misplaced his coin.  As he looks for it, he’ll see it being picked up by a homeless man, or a foraging squirrel.  There would be a low point where he learns about the quote above and he’ll suddenly have an identity crisis or something like that.  The climax of the movie will be when he’s trying to decide whether or not to pursue a girl.  She would probably be leaving somewhere or deciding on another guy over him (since he’s indecisive).  He’ll be standing on a sidewalk while it’s raining and he’ll pull out his coin (one last time).  He’ll proceed to flip the coin and it’ll have a slow motion sequence like this.


As time slows down, there will be flashback scenes of all his interactions with her.  The camera would zoom into the coin as it descends onto the ground and bounces around a bit.  After it settles, there’ll be a weird moment where you notice he doesn’t pick it up.  Instead the focus would change to the feet you see running off into the distance.

Okay fine, maybe a Wong Fu short at best.  SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


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