Around the Summer of 2005, my brother introduced me to the show Undergrads.  It’s a cartoon depicting the “typical” college experience as it follows a group of friends.  It was pretty funny when I watched a couple tidbits over his shoulder, but nothing made me chuckle too hard.  After all, I was in high school.  I knew nothing about college, and I still had my innocence, so the crude humor did not make that much sense to me.

I remember I watched the season finale with my brother and asked to start season 2.  To my dismay he pointed out that that was the only season ever made.  Although nowhere near as famous as Firefly, this was just another show that had a one-and-done season.  That baffled me, because I didn’t know television shows went through stuff like that at the time.  Course, I just shrugged it off and went about my business.  Really, the only thing I found amusing out of it was the character Cal, and how he calls everyone ‘guy’.  I actually went on to do that too during my sophomore year.  Since the internet wasn’t booming yet and this show was so under heard of, that became my unique thing.  This caught on especially with the rest of the guys on the football team.

photo (1)


That JV football team though…

I recently watched the whole season again, and now that I went through college, things are funnier and more amusing.  So, of course, I had a nostalgia trip bringing me back to my freshman year in the dorms.  The shows depicts freshman year in college well.  If I didn’t experience those events in the show, I at least saw it unfold in front of me.  Like the show, I found myself hanging out with my friends at home more than trying to meet new people.  See episode 1 for yourself and see how you like it.

I did some research and there have been many attempts and petitions to bring this show back.  Frankly, it seems theres a better chance of Young Justice having a 3rd season.  Another under appreciated but entertaining show.


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