Super Powers

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A question often asked amongst children, high schoolers and super hero comic nerds.  My answers have bounced between the ability to control the weather, super strength and flight.  Although I wonder if my answers revolved around what I most wanted in life in that moment.  The power to control the weather because it was too hot, super strength because I wanted to look like Matt, and flight because gas was expensive.

A fan of underrated things in general, I would wanted an underappreciated ability.  As I’ve let my imagination soar over the past few weeks, I find it cool to have superior intellect as my super power.  Yes, my power of choice is being super smart.  And I don’t even mean super smart like Professor X, Iron Man or Batman; no need for telepathy, a suit of armor or knowledge of martial arts.  Just the brains.

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More like.. Artemus Gordon (from Wild Wild West), Gear (from Static Shock) and Megamind.  Really smart, but armed with gadgets and gizmos that are by no means state of the art or game breaking.  It would be so cool to be a master tactician, even if it were just in something like chess.  To be able to look at something and figure it out right away, just like a person with perfect pitch hears notes.  Besides, it leaves for a better retirement plan.  Which is better than Batman depicted in his later years.



That’s just me.  What super power would you choose?



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